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Mathematics Solutions Assignment Help Providers

Assignments are meant to help the students know more about the topic. However, research has shown that students generally have a dislike for the assignments. It hinders them from doing what they love most. As a result, students ask for help. If you are one of those who find it hard to complete their mathematics assignment, do not hesitate to contact us. Matlab assignments experts is a platform dedicated to helping out students like you. You are guaranteed a high grade if you are with us in seeking assignment help. We have been helping students for a long time, and they have always scored high grades. So when we say we shall help you score a high grade, we mean it.

Mathematics solutions

Mathematics is one of the disciplines that most of the students find very challenging. Completing its assignments on time is really mesmerizing. It’s not that easy as it requires students to practice a lot with mathematical questions. Scoring high in a mathematical unit means that you will have to put in more effort. There is no shortcut to this one. Results are proportional to the effort that you put in. But we can help you with the assignment if you contact us seeking assignment help.


Mathematics isn’t something which originated recently with the evolution of computers. It has been there since time immemorial in some form or the other. Initially, it involved only counting. But as time went by, it evolved as a complete discipline that involves a wide array of sub-topics. Today, we cannot do anything without mathematics. It’s part of everything that we do. . We can say mathematics is at the core of anything that we do.

History of mathematics

Mathematics has been there for a long time. Pointing to at a specific time in the past as the origin of mathematics can be a good answer to the query that most students want to know about. Students should be aware of the fact that we are using approximations. The ancient records of mathematics are from Mesopotamia and Egypt. These were the first places on earth to be civilized. However, most of the mathematics at this time was arithmetic and geometry.
As civilization grew in most parts of the world, so did mathematical geometry. Geometry deals with the calculations of measurement, volume, and area. It’s used in homes, academics, and even in design. It’s a very important concept.
The more civilizations developed, the more advanced mathematics became. The development of Greek civilization was crucial to the advancement of mathematics. The Greeks were the people who were involved largely in the development of mathematics. They include Pythagoras, who came up with the Pythagoras theorem, and Archimedes, who came up with the Archimedes principle.
Isaac Newton also contributed to the development of mathematics. To be more specific, calculus. However, much of today’s mathematics developed in Europe when civilizations developed.

Our solutions in mathematics

Mathematics entails a lot of things. Some of the solutions that we offer are in a mathematics subject:


A matrix in simple terms is a two-dimensional array. That is, it has a column and a row. They always have a rectangular shape. They can be used for many kinds of operations. For instance, one can add, subtract, divide, and multiply two matrices. Matrices may seem irrelevant, but they have their place in data analysis. The data in a matrix form can be used for visualizations. Matrices are also used to store real data in a form that is easy for statistical analysis.
There are different types of matrices that are named depending on the values that they have. They include a column matrix, null matrix, symmetric matrix, asymmetric matrix, and a diagonal matrix.


This is another branch of mathematics that studies about sides and length of a triangle. More specifically, it deals with the study of a triangle where we try to identify the length of the sides and the angles on each side. The main functions used in trigonometry are sine, tangent, cosine, cotangent, cosecant, and secant. Trigonometry has its origin in ancient Greek.


The topics that we listed above involves the use of numerical computing. Here it’s a little different. Herein, we perform calculations where there are unknowns. Algebra in simple terms is a branch of mathematics that uses mathematical symbols to do basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, and addition. Doing these mathematical manipulations on symbols requires you to know some rules, and that is what algebra entails.
A basic example of algebra is an x + 3 = 5. To find the solution to the equation, we have to solve for x, which will involve making x the subject of the formula. The solution of the equation is x = 2.


Statistics is a branch of mathematics that involves the collection, organizing, analysis, and interpretation of data. It’s very wide-ranging and intriguing. Some of the topics on which we offer assignment help are probability, statistical inference, data visualization, descriptive statistics, and probability distributions, methods of data collection, statistical analysis, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis.

Mathematics in Matlab

Matlab is a high-level programming language that can be used to solve all mathematical problems which you can think of. It has been used extensively by scientists and engineers for all of their research work. People like to use Matlab because of its ease of use, and the process of debugging code is relatively easy. It also has the functions that one needs.
For your mathematics assignment, Matlab can help you with all the matrix manipulations. Did you know that Matlab was initially built for matrix manipulations? You can add a number of matrices or even subtract them.
If it’s any kind of statistical analysis, you can do it comfortably in Matlab. Matlab produces some of the best plots that you can make with any software. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your mathematical assignments. If you do not know how to use a function, always check for its documentation, which is easy to understand.

Matlab assignments experts

Do you have any mathematics assignments? We are a platform that will provide you with mathematics solutions at an affordable cost. Further, we will provide you with solutions that are easy to understand. You can go through the solutions and learn more about the topic. Thus you gain by scoring high in the assignment and expanding your knowledge.
If you want to avail of mathematics assignment help from us, contact us by making use of the email, info@matlabassignmentexperts.com. Use the subject line, ‘do my mathematics assignment.’ We shall contact you as soon as we receive the email informing you of what you are required to do before we can start preparing the assignment solutions. You are required to provide all the instructions related to the assignment that is issued by your professor. This is important as it will make sure that we adhere to all the instructions while giving you the solutions.
The other way that you can use to contact us is by hitting the ‘submit your assignment’ button on our webpage. Here, there are some steps that you are supposed to follow before we can finally start with preparing the assignment solution. Do not worry, you won’t find any complications here.
Do not forget to contact us for any Matlab related assignment. We are looking forward to helping students like you.
This is a sample solution in which the expert has demonstrated his expertise in solving problems on matrices, trigonometry, vector algebra, and statistics using Matlab. In this solution, the homework expert has demonstrated the application of Matlab in solving various mathematical problems. He has solved wide-ranging problems on topics like matrix algebra, trigonometry, vector algebra, and dynamics. One question has been solved on the measures of central tendency in statistics using Matlab.
clear, clc
A= [2.5 5.8 9]
sin (A)
A + 3
B = [5.2 3.14 2]
A + B
clear, clc
tangent=tan(theta) ;
[theta’, sine’, cosine’, tangent’]
x=A* cos(w*t);
clear, clc
A = 1:20
c = linspace(4, 20, 15)
d = logspace(1, 3, 10)
feet = [0:10];
meter = feet * 0.3048;
radian= [0:(0.1*pi):pi];
degree = radian * 57.2958;
[radian’ , degree’]
mph= linspace(0, 100, 15);
fps = mph * 1.46667;
[mph’ , fps’]
H_conc = logspace(-3, -1, 10);
pH = H_conc * 1.46667;
[H_conc’ , pH’]
[t’ , d’]
clear, clc
%% From the table we can say that max range is obtained approximately at theta = pi/4
G = [68, 83, 61, 70, 75, 82, 57, 5, 76, 85, 62, 71, 96, 78, 76, 68, 72, 75, 83, 93];
% The most typical grade is “68” (which is the mode of the given array of grades)
SortG=sort (G)

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