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An electronics student will tell you that they often have assignments to solve from time to time. An example of such an assignment is the DSP system assignment. But what is the goal of assignments? Are they so significant to their learning? Some students tend to believe that assignment has little significance in their learning process. They are wrong. Assignments are so important if the students are to learn more about a topic. It is better to understand that no matter how good a teacher/lecturer is, they cannot teach everything to the student. Assignments are one of the ways to complement what the teacher or lecturer cannot teach in class. This is the reason why assignments can influence your final grade.
Assignments, in general, are not easy to handle. They require deep research to solve it. Take the example of a DSP system. You will need computer software to analyze the data and come up with a suitable algorithm. This looks cumbersome and could even be boring if the student’s knowledge of the topic is limited. You can avoid this by seeking DSP signal system project help from professionals who not only give you answers to your assignment but will also clear your doubts to help improve your knowledge on the topic. Matlab assignment experts is the platform engineered for this purpose- helping students with assignments no matter how complex they are

Signal processing

Digital signal processing is a form of signal processing. In order to fully understand what digital signal processing is, we need to know what is meant by signal processing. Signal processing itself is one of the electrical engineering branches, which is concerned with analyzing, modifying, and synthesizing signals. A signal in this context is a function, which conveys information about a phenomenon. Thus, it is something that is observable, such as electromagnetic waves, sound, and images. For a certain signal, signal processing can be applied to improve the quality of interest, improve its transmission and storage efficiency.
Other signal processing subfields are continuous-time, analog, discrete-time, non-linear, and statistical processing. Regardless of what mode of signal processing is applied, operations such as convolution transforms, filtering, modulation and demodulation, and signal generation are commonly applied to signals. In this article, we will put more emphasis on digital signal processing. First, let’s understand what analog signal processing is. It’s also integral in understanding digital signal processing.

Analog signal processing

Analog, as used in mathematics, means something that can be represented mathematically as a set of continuous values. Therefore, it is easy to infer that analog signal processing is a form of signal processing that is applied to a continuous analog signal using analog means. Examples of the analog value that you are likely to come across are electric charge, current, and voltage. Elements used to process analog signals are resistors, capacitors, and inductors. Analog signal processing has been widely used in the past.

Digital signal processing

Unlike analog signal processing, which processes continuous values, digital signal processing work with and process discrete values. Digital computers and digital processors are commonly used to perform this form of signal processing. What it does is take real-world signals that have been digitized and process them by the use of computers. The device is designed for doing mathematical computations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In the real world, the signals are in analog form. Analog, products are used to get information about the signals before they can be converted to digital form for analysis. Converters such as analog to digital signal processing are normally used to change the analog signals to digital signals. After that, digital signal processors take over and manipulate it into a suitable form.

Digital signal processor

Digital signal processor is a technology that is found in most handheld devices such as earphones, smartphones, and smart speakers. They function the same way as a computer CPU. Unlike the CPU, a DSP is designed to performing mathematical manipulations of signals such as audio. Since they are specialized, they can do the mathematical manipulations at a lower cost, at the same time consuming minimal energy.
Technically, there are few principles that any processor is built upon known as the processor’s architecture. First, it must have a decoder whose function is to convert codes into functions that direct the computer on what to do. Secondly, it should have registers and memories, which store data and operations — finally, the execution units, which will do the mathematical manipulations.
Execution units can be built to perform any task. For a CPU, the execution unit is made to perform simple mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication, while for a DSP, it can perform complex mathematical operations such as saturating arithmetic and modulo operations. Therefore, we can say that a DSP is highly optimized to do mathematical operations on signal, and the net result is a faster and more efficient system.

Digital signal processing advantages

  1. A suite of mathematical operations and high order filters can be applied to the data that can be applied at a low incremental cost.
  2. In terms of physical size, DSPs are always very lightweight and easily portable as compared to analog signal processors.
  3. Digital signal processors are often more tolerant of environmental changes and disturbances than before and produce results that are more accurate.
  4. DSP system is often more flexible as the system uses software and programs which can easily be modified.
  5. Digital signal processing provides a ground for the application of sophisticated signal processing.

Disadvantages of digital signal processing

Despite the advantages, DSPs have a few drawbacks shown below.
  1. Though they are simple to use, a challenge comes in the system complexity — the system complexities increases due to the use of devices such as analog-to-digital converters.
  2. In addition, the system tends to consume a lot of power.
  3. Limit in frequency caused by a lack of fast AD converters, making DSP unsuitable when high frequencies are required.

Digital signal processing applications

Digital signal processing has been applied in so many fields, some among them being: –
  • Audio and video compression
  • Image processing
  • Speech processing
  • Speech recognition
  • Weather forecasting
  • Economic forecasting
  • Music production and sound engineering
  • Biomedical equipment
  • Military machinery
  • Advanced aviation

Digital signal processing using Matlab

Matlab is a multipurpose software with a wide array of analysis applications making it well suited for data processing. Its versatility makes it one of the most trusted statistical software. Matlab’s signal processing tools allow you to prepare the filter signals for analysis, explore the dataset, analyze trends, and discover patterns in the signal and visualize the dataset.

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