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Safety is something that is taken seriously, especially when human lives are involved. This explains why there are so many organizations, which want to guarantee our safety. An example is the Food and Drugs administration, whose role is to ensure that the food that we consume is safe for our bodies. They check that manufacturers of food substances do not use dangerous substances in their production. In the same way, there is a regulation to ensure safety in the aircraft industry. Imagine you are on a plane that has not undergone thorough testing. Isn’t it risky? Chances of survival are less given the fact that plane accidents are catastrophic. That is why there has to be a thorough testing of the aircraft systems software and hardware in the developmental stages. This is what the bodies like the FAA are meant for. One of the qualification kits used is the DO qualification kit.

When do we need a tool qualification?

Tool qualification is very important, but it’s not needed for all processes. Only in certain instances, tool qualification is needed. Note that the process of tool qualification is a very cumbersome one and requires a lot of documentation. Such a process needs to be done when it is absolutely necessary. The answer to this question is largely dependent on the project-specific workflow. It is still possible that in the case of two similar projects, one will require tool qualification while the other one may not. The need to qualify a tool is dependent on the confidence that we have in the qualifying tool. If a qualification kit has low confidence, then we might need to qualify.

DO qualification kit.

Our focus in this section is the DO qualification kit. This does not mean that there are no other qualification kits. The precise reason is that it can be easily applied to Matlab. It’s one of the standardized systems to test a tool and contains the procedures, test cases, and documentation to be followed by the user. With it, you can qualify, Simulink based models. There are various qualification tools that are certified by different authorities


This is the safety standard that is used to qualify commercial avionics systems software. However, it has been applied to other cases too. It's derived from the QO-278 and can be used for ground-based and space-based software. Its current version is the Do-178C, which was developed in 2011. DO-178C is a document that is approved by Transport Canada, FAA, and other aerospace certifying authorities.

Prior to the development of DO-178C, DO-178B was the one accepted by most of the aerospace authorities. The difference between the two is:

  1. Inclusion of DO-330, which is a software that was integrated to provide guidance to the acceptable qualification process. This implies that the tool verification guidance in DO-178C was replaced with the guidance for making a decision about when to apply DO-330.
  2. DO-178C was much clearer and consistent.
  3. In DO-178C the guidance was improved by the addition of technology supplements such as DO-331, DO-332, and DO-333. DO-331 addresses the ability to use modeling techniques to avoid the common problems associated with models, while DO-332 addresses the object-oriented software issues exploring the conditions under which it might be used. DO-333 addresses the formal method to use to complement the testing.


This is another safety standard applied to the aerospace industry hardware. Both DO-254 and DO-178 were published by the same manufacturer which is the RTCA. Initially, RTCA published it for all electronic hardware. However, the FAA enacted it in 2005 for use in aircraft. The FAA can easily accept a project that has satisfied these requirements. Still, it has been applied to the other sectors as well. The standard provides you with all the information that you need right from the commencement of the project, all throughout the validation.

The standard has five different levels of compliance standards known as Design assurance levels (DALs). Each level represents the level of harm a hardware failure could cause and what piece of hardware needs to be certified. They are arranged in such a way that the first level represents severe damage that could be caused to the aircraft which can even stop the aircraft from flying while in the last level the damage in the hardware could cause no harm to that aircraft.

For this type of verification, you would ensure that you have the documentation to ascertain that the implemented hardware meets the requirement set at the beginning of the project. In addition, the tests on the hardware should be in line with the hardware assurance levels.

The process of verification is not dependent upon the qualification method, but the tools have an influence. If there is a compromise on one of the tools used in the verification process, this suggests that DO-254 is not the ideal qualification standard. Tools should, therefore, be assessed before any tests begin.

How to use the DO qualification kit.

To ensure that your project is certified, you have to observe a number of steps. First, ensure that you provide the certification authorities such as FAA and Transport Canada with the qualification tool plan. Secondly, document everything required in the qualification tool that you are using. Then you have to ensure that the tool satisfies the operational requirement. The limits of the tool and restrictions should be clearly stated. Finally, provide all the results to the certification authorities. Following these steps will increase your chances of being certified.

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