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A feedback system is defined as a control system in which all or a part of the output is fed back to the system as input. Technically, part of output may also refer to a magnified or diminished version of the output. Feedback systems have an interesting property: the gain can be manipulated by the amount of feedback. These types of systems are signal processors. A feedback system's processing part can be electronic or electrical. This part can range from simple to complicated circuits. Discrete or individual components like resistors, transistors, capacitors, etc. can be used to construct analog feedback control circuits that are simple. This can also be done using integrated and Microprocessor-based circuits.
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Types of Feedback Systems

The two known types of feedback systems are negative feedback and positive feedback:
• Positive Feedback
In this type of feedback system, the controller adds the output values and setpoint together when the feedback is in-phase with the input. Also known as regenerative feedback, the positive feedback's main effect is to raise the gain of the system. For example in the real world, you will feel happier about yourself and be full of energy when someone showers you with praise or gives you positive feedback. However, in control and electronic systems, positive feedback can raise the gain of the system far too much. A great increase in the magnitude of the effective input signal can give rise to oscillatory circuit responses.
• Negative Feedback
In a negative feedback control system, the feedback is out of phase with the original input. As a result, the output values and setpoints are subtracted from each other. This type of feedback is sometimes referred to as degenerative feedback because it reduces the gain of a system. For example, in a business set up, if a manager criticizes an employee about the work he has done, the employee will feel low and unhappy about himself. He will feel less positive and lack the energy to continue with the work. Most control and feedback systems are degenerative because negative feedback guarantees stable circuit response, raises the system's operating bandwidth, and improve stability. Degenerative feedback reduces the effects of the gain. An excellent example of a system with negative feedback is an electronic amplifier based on an operational amplifier.
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Feedback Systems Classifications
There are four classifications of feedback systems that determine how an output signal is measured and introduced into the circuit. Inputs and outputs can be modeled by using either current or voltage, depending on the condition of the desired output and the quantity of input being amplified. This gives us four classifications of a single-loop feedback system (systems where the output signal is fed back to the input). These classifications are:
• Series-Shunt Configuration: Voltage controlled voltage source (Voltage in, voltage out)
• Series-series configuration: Voltage controlled current source (Voltage in, current out)
• Shunt-shunt configuration: Current controlled voltage source ( Current in, voltage out)
• Shunt-series configuration: Current controlled current source ( Current in, current out)
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• Unity-feedback systems

• Unit-step response

• Unit-impulse response

• Unit-ramp response

• Response for a given input

• Closed-loop response

• Phase-frequency response

• Second-order approximations

• Response characteristics: damping ratio, percentage overshoot, maximum overshoot, peak time, settling time, peak magnitude, resonance frequency, bandwidth

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