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Solving Systems Equation Homework Help

Most people who do not take mathematical courses have a fear or allergy to the course. Referring to it as fear or allergy is not a precise way of defining it but call it whatever you want to call it. But we agree to the fact that the feeling in most cases is based on the aversion to these courses that entail a lot of mathematical equations, which are difficult to comprehend. The truth is that the answer to these most difficult mathematical equation is incomprehensible.Every student comes across some challenging mathematical equations that they might find hard to solve. . A mathematics student alwaysfinds it wise to seek help either from their peers or from a professional. Well, speaking of the latter, there are lots of online assistance companies who clamor to help students score the best grade in the assignment. Which is the best online assistance platform that you can contact for solving systems of equations assignment help? Keep on reading, and you will find your answer.

What is an equation?

Let us start with the basics and define what an equation is. An equation in English is something that asserts the equality between two things. In mathematics, an equation is often characterized by an equal sign (=) whose main function is to assert an equality into the equation. . Secondly, it will have two or more variables. Mostly, all the formulas are expressed as an equation. Let’s take the simplest case of the formula for finding the volume of a box. The formula is given below.

Vob= L X W X H.

Where Vob is the volume of the box, L is the length of the box, W width, and H height of the box. As can be seen, the above formula of the volume of a box has more than two variables and has an equal sign. This is just a simple example of what an equation is. However, things start getting messier when you enroll for a mathematics course in a college or university. There are lots of equations. Let’s look at some of the common equations.

1. Linear equations.

This is one of the basic forms of the equation that is applied in every field. It assumes that there exists linearity within the variables in the dataset. In graphical forms, the datasets of a linear equation forms a straight line. These equations take the form of the Y = mx+c. There is a proportional increase in the left and right-hand side. That is, a unit increase in the right-hand side causes the same increase in the left-hand side. The two sides need not be directly proportional. They could also be inversely proportional.

2. Polynomial equations.

They are more complex than linear equations. A linear equation is often defined as polynomial equations of degree one. A polynomial equation of degree 2 is referred to as a quadratic equation, while the one with 3 degrees is a cubic equation. Here the variables are not directly proportional.

Here is an example of a quadratic equation.

X2 + X + 1 = 0

In some cases solving a quadratic equation results into a complex number solution

3. Differential equation.

A Differential equation is quite different from the above two. It relates one or more functions to its derivative. It has a lot of applications in the related physical field. Mostly, those who study calculus will come across differential equations because differentiation is one of the calculus’ topics. They can be divided into ordinary, partial, and non-linear equations. In addition to a function and its derivatives, an ordinary differential equation contains complex variables. Partial differential equations, as the name suggests, contains partial derivatives and multivariable functions. A non-linear equation representsa differential equation that is non-linear.

The above equations are just an introduction to the general equations. Different fields make use of equations that are designed to solve a particular real-life problem, but all of these will have the same characteristics as defined above. An example is the Capital Asset Pricing model used in finance for pricingsensitive securities.

 Ways of solving equations.

As we have seen, equations normally have unknowns. The process of finding the integeral values of these unknowns is known as solving the equation. There are different methods used to solve an equation.

Inverse methods

This method involves solution for the variables of two linear equations by using a matrix method. The values on the left and the right-hand side are organized to form the matrix. We then go ahead and find the inverse of the matrix on the right-hand side and multiply all sides by the inverse and solve for the scalar that remains.

Gaussian method.

The Gaussian method can also be used to solve for more than one linear equation, say three linear equations. In this, systematic addition and subtraction are applied to the linear equations to reduce the variables to one variable. The whole process might take a lot of time to arrive at the solutions. However, it’s still an effective method of finding solutions to an equation.

Jacobi iteration

Jacobi iteration is a method for solving a system containing n linear equations which translataes to n unknowns. Provided that elements in the diagonal matrix have no zeroes, Jacobi iteration can be applied to find the solution. Each diagonal is solved, and an approximate value is plugged in. The process is iterated until there is a convergence

Triangularization method

The triangularization method is a superior method compared to the Gaussian method. The number of additions and subtraction performed in the equations is reduced significantly in this method. It’s also affected if the diagonal values contain a zero. Sometimes its referred to as the factorization method or the decomposition method.

Solving systems of equations using Matlab.

Matlab is one of the high-level programming languages that is preferred by the scientific community because of its versatility and ease of use. If you are a mathematics student then you would invariably seek for solving systems of equations using Matlab assignment help. This software normally gives the final output when it provides the solution for each variable. In addition to a solution, your lecturer will require you to provide a functional code.

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