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Revision and refund policy associated with our Matlab assignment help service

We have a strict revision and refund policy that ensures our clients get high-quality Matlab homework solutions and the best value for their money.

A solid revision and refund policy to ensure satisfactory Matlab assignment help

MatlabAssignmentExperts.com has a very simple and clear revision and refund policy that guarantees authentic Matlab assignment solutions. We have a lot of happy clients across the globe, all thanks to our continued delivery of top-quality Matlab assignment help. Please read this page to the end, as it contains information that complements our terms of use, that legally binds you (the user) and the company (MatlabAssignmentExperts.com).

Terms of revising assignment solutions and issuing a refund

Order cancellation

If you cancel your order before we start working on it, a cancellation charge will be deducted from the total amount agreed between you and the company. If we have already started working on the assignment, then you will have two choices; you can either continue with the order or an amount equivalent to the work that has already been done will be deducted from the total amount along with the cancellation fee. We deduct this amount because the expert who was working on the assignment needs to be compensated for the work done. An order with a 24-hour deadline shall not be canceled and no refund will be issued in any circumstances.

Double payments

If you notice that the payment system charged you twice for the same order, do contact us immediately. You will be required to forward us both receipts through email or Chat so that we can resolve the issue. We will process the refund and credit it to your account within 7 to 14 business days.

Late assignment delivery

We work so hard to make sure that all assignment solutions are delivered before the agreed deadline. On very rare occasions, however, the solution may be delivered a little bit late due to delayed response or lack of communication from the client, insufficient information on what needs to be done, and such things that may hinder us from working on the task and delivering it on time. If the expert completes the work and no response has been received from the client 24 hours after completion, then no refund will be issued. If the client responds within 24 hours, we could extend the assignment deadline as per the expert’s availability. Any request to cancel the order will be processed as per our order cancellation clause.


We try our best to craft error-free solutions that give our clients 100% satisfaction. But in case you feel that the work has not been completed as per the given instructions and guidelines, we will make the necessary changes until you are completely happy with the solution. However, requests for revisions must be made with the time frame stated during order placement. No revision requests will be accepted after the agreed timeline. All revisions will be done free of cost. Note that the initial instructions must remain unchanged for you to have your work revised without extra charges. If you modify the requirements or send your revision request after the stipulated timeline, your assignment will be treated as a new order, hence it will attract additional charges.

Poor grade

It is very unlikely that you will score a poor grade in your Matlab assignments when working with us, but in case it does happen, we will refund 50% of the amount you paid for the assignment. The refund request must be made within 90 days from the date of the assignment submission. Any request made after this period will not be accepted. The reason why we will refund half the amount is that we pay our experts upfront, so it is practically impossible to get the money back from the individual who handled your task. Nevertheless, to make sure nothing like this happens again in the future, we shall take severe action against the expert, which could even mean terminating his/her services. We do not issue a refund for claims where the mark is above 49.99% or where the client has not failed even if the mark is less than 50%.

NB: If your claim does not meet the above criteria, then it will be considered invalid and no refund will be issued.

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Our Matlab homework help service is a great platform to seek assistance with your Matlab projects. Our revision and refund policy make it even better because you can rest assured that you can always get your money back if things go wrong. But here is the good news; we have an amazing team of experts to prepare your Matlab homework solutions and ensure that they are 100% satisfactory. Nothing can and will ever go wrong when you work with our experts.