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Control System Homework Help

Are you finding it hard to complete your control systems assignment? It is perfectly normal to come across a challenging assignment. Not all assignments are straightforward. You can ask for a control system using Matlab homework help from professional online assistance companies. Matlab assignment experts are the platform that offers help with a control system using Matlab assignment to students who wish to avail online assistance for their projects.
Control System Homework Help

A control system

Basically, a system is a set of entities or rules that work together to achieve a common goal. Examples of systems that you must have heard are transport systems, space systems, telephone systems, and solar systems. If the system is directed towards achieving the intended output, then it is what we refer to as a control system. Therefore, we can define a control system as a set of instructions or commands that regulate how a system functions. In simple words, it is a system regulating another system. Note the control system is engineered towards achieving the desired result. That is the goal of a control system. They have been used to automate nearly all kinds of tasks. Automation requires a control system. This explains why the control system has been used practically in almost every device that we can think of. Examples are refrigerators, electric irons, and air conditioners.
A perfect example of a control system is a simple room temperature controller. This device heats the house as long as the power is on. The device raises the temperature of the house to the desired level, and once achieved, it can be switched off. The system can be improved by using a timer switcher, which will heat the house for a certain period of time. Alternatively, we can apply a sensor, which will be set to achieve the desired temperatures

Qualities of good control systems

Accuracy. By accuracy, we mean that the errors made by the system have been reduced immensely. The accuracy of a control system is achieved by applying a feedback system or using an error detector. Gradually, the errors can be reduced by using the above means.
Noise. Noise is anything that is undesired. For a system, it is the undesired output. Remember, the goal of a control system is to help the system achieve the desired result. This means that the system should significantly reduce the level of noise if it has to achieve the desired goal.
Qualities of Good Control System
Speed. Here the control system should be capable of achieving the desired results at high speed.
Types of control systems.
Control systems can be classified into open control systems and closed control systems. To better understand the content of this section we shall refer to the above example of a control system (room temperature controller)

Open control systems

In this system, the action of the control systems is independent of the output. For the above example, the manual control system where we could switch on and off the system is an open control system. Other examples are a light switch, wherein the lamps glow whenever it is switched on regardless of the time of the day, and an automatic machine washer, which runs according to a set time.

Closed control system

Here, unlike in the open system, the output has a significant effect on the input. The output will affect the amount of input applied. For the room temperature controller. It is a closed control system if a sensor is incorporated into the system.


The feedback loop is an essential component in control systems. Feedback loops enable the system to adjust in case of deviation from the desired output. As a result, we get a more efficient and accurate system tailored to meet the desired output. Why do we need a feedback loop in control systems? The system is generally affected by changes in environmental conditions or other forms of disturbances. As a result, achieving the desired output can be challenging. The feedback loops enable the system to adjust to these environmental changes to achieve the desired output.
The feedback system function by taking a signal from the output. This signal is then compared with the input. This is what is referred to as the error signal. The control system is corrected by applying the error system to the input. The feedback signal can be classified into a positive feedback signal or a negative feedback signal.

Control system using Matlab

The program is easy to use and has a wide array of functions, which users can manipulate to meet their own needs. It is a one-stop-shop for all the computing requirements for engineers and scientists. It is designed explicitly for their works. Matlab is the software that is mostly used by scientists, and it is also a leading software commonly used by control system engineers. They employ Matlab in stages such as plant modeling, developing algorithms for the system, and system verification & testing.
Control System Using Matlab
Matlab enables you to model the system using the required algorithms and simulate the model. The effect which it produces is that we can test the model under various circumstances and correct the deficiencies of the control system without having to incur any costs. At the end of the day, we have a more efficient control system that is accurate and efficient. Any doubts about the system are eliminated.

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