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Simulation of Communication Models Homework

Students normally have a lot of reasons why they cannot complete their assignments on time. In some cases, the assignments are tough. It may require the student to spend a great deal of time researching the various topics of the assignment. Also, there are those students who are focused on things outside schoolwork, they cannot find enough time for doing their assignment. All this is understandable, and if a student finds an assignment challenging it is not the student’s fault. After all, they are still learning, and everything is fairly new to them. If you have any challenging assignment, especially in simulating communication models, Matlab assignment experts are the platform that will provide you with the simulation of communication models assignment help.

 What is simulation?

Simulating can be said to be an act of imitating how a system functions. Primarily, this is done by a computer and requires a model. It has been used widely in the gaming field where they simulate a real person or an environment. The business world has used it extensively because of its advantages. Let us look at each of them.
It is very flexible. All the aspects of a business can be simulated. There is no limit to it.
Simulation enables a system to be tested even without having a real one. Therefore, we can reduce a lot of costs, which could have been caused by testing a system in realtime.
Simulation helps reduce the accidents that would have been otherwise caused by a system. As through simulation, all the theoretical faults of the system can be corrected through repeated testing.
The advantage of time. With simulation, the system can be tested within a very short period of time. We can find out if the system will benefit the company in a very short time and hence, can focus on another system or upgrade the system.

Communication models

Now that we have understood what simulation is, let us look at another component that is necessary if the simulation is to occur. That is a model. A model is a mathematical representation of the system. It is practically impossible to simulate a system without the use of a model. A model takes into account all the variables of the system. There are those models that explain the communication system better than the other does. There are three models of communication. These are linear, interactional model, and transactional models. Let us look at each of them.

Linear models of communication

This was one of the earliest communication models that were built based on the ideas of Aristotle, which involved a speaker, message, and hearers. It is a one-way communication wherein the sender sends the message to the receiver. It does not give much attention if the receiver received the message or not. Linear models of communication do not account for any feedback. It views the receiver as the target or the endpoint of communication. Scholars who developed this model were also influenced by the advent of communication systems such as the radio. Let’s take, for instance, a radio presenter who is speaking at an early morning show. The message by the radio presenter is encoded and transmitted via radio transmitter via electromagnetic waves and eventually reaches you via a speaker or an antenna. The radio presenter has no clue whether the information reached you or not.

Interactional model of communication

The interactional model is an upgrade of the linear model of communication. Here, rather than assuming that communication is linear, it incorporates the use of feedback. The method is, therefore, a two-way communication. Feedback must not necessarily be the verbal message; it could be non-verbal cues such as gestures. In this form of communication, the roles of the sender and receiver keep changing. A sender can be a receiver, and a receiver can be the sender. It’s not concerned with the transmission of information. The way information is transmitted is very important because it’s an interaction between two people. While we judge messages as effective and ineffective in linear communication based on whether it is received or not, in interactional communication models, the communication system isn’t judged in such a way. In fact, due to the nature of the model, there might be so many messages that might not reach the receiver. Sometimes, there is information that is sent unintentionally.

Transactional model

As most scholars invested a lot in communication models, it was evident that human beings do not communicate in the same way as machines. The view on communication changed, and it was more than the mere process of changing information. As a result, this superior model was developed. This model differs significantly from the above two in that, the two were focused on the transmission of the information, in real life. People do not just communicate to exchange information but communicate to shape their self-concepts and form intellectual alliances, among other things. In addition, this model does not include label participants as either senders or receivers but labels them as communicators.

Simulation in Matlab

Matlab is software trusted by the scientific community due to its versatility and ease of use. With it, you can do all the mathematical computations. By having Matlab, you have the complete software with all the requirements. Here, you won’t have to face the challenge to install packages repeatedly when performing a new type of computation says computer vision with Matlab. Matlab enables you to run the different kinds of model simulation as it has the functions that you will need for simulations. You can also change the parameters of the models to test under different circumstances.

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