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Spreadsheet in Matlab

As a programmer, you will always need data for any kind of analysis that you would be doing. When you are studying on your own, you will use preloaded data in any programming language. An example is the MNIST dataset where you will load data when you want to do neural networks analysis or the iris dataset when you want to perform regression analysis. Data is very important for any type of analysis that you want to do. The good thing is that currently, there is a lot of readily available data. Collecting the dataset should not be your main concern. What you need is to load the dataset into the programming language that you use. In most cases, you will find the dataset stored in a text file or spreadsheet. Loading the data into the programming language that you use is one of the basic skill sets that a programmer must possess. It looks simple, but learning it can be very complicated. In this article, we shall look at how you can load a spreadsheet into Matlab.


Matlab, the acronym for matrix laboratory, is a programming language that was initially developed by MathWorks to deal with mathematical computations. It used to perform all the matrix computations that you could need. However, the software has evolved significantly and can now be used to perform a wide array of computations that once could not be thought of. Today, you can model a real-life scenario and perform simulations. A large number of people from all walks of life can now use the software, which was once a simple software used by a select few who needed to use it for matrices. But now, most of the universities have incorporated it into their curriculum.


You must be asking yourself, why should this article concentrate upon loading a spreadsheet into a Matlab console while there are other different files that can be loaded? Well, in the recent past, spreadsheets have emerged as an important tool for an organization. They are widely used by so many organizations to store a lot of information about their workers or their finances. They can store information ranging from a few rows to millions. In addition, operations such as sorting or merging can be done on spreadsheets. Thus, you are most likely to find it in the projects that you will do for an organization

What is the difference between a spreadsheet, a workbook, and a worksheet?

If you love working with Microsoft Excel, these are the common phrases that you would hear most of the time, and they are related, which makes you prone to confusion between the three of them. What is the difference between the three? Let us start with a workbook. This is the document that you open when you open Microsoft excel. A worksheet, on the other hand, is an excel page that you are entering or storing data. In a workbook, you can use more than one. To add a worksheet, you can click on the tab at the bottom of the workbook. A spreadsheet and worksheet mean the same thing. However, in some cases, others refer to an excel program as a spreadsheet.

Loading a spreadsheet into Matlab.

If you want to load a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you must know its extension. The most commonly used are .XLSX and.XLS. The difference between the two is.XLSX is Microsoft excel’s latest version. Its commonly found on versions beginning from office 2007. With Matlab, you can load files with both extensions at ease. There are two ways that you can import a spreadsheet into Matlab. One is by using the import tool, and the second one is by using a function.

Using the import tool.

This is a rather simplified version, and you can use it if you do not like coding. To load a dataset into Matlab, click on the import tool, which will enable you to load an excel file in your working directory. On import selection, select the data type that you want to be displayed on the Matlab console. The choices you can select from are tables, cell array, string array, numeric vectors, and numeric matrices.
If you are fond of writing codes, simply type the readable function with the file name in quotes on the console. This is sufficient to load to you the dataset. Readable loads that dataset as a table in Matlab. Functions such as read cell, readvars, read matrix, and read timetable can be used to load the dataset as cell arrays, separate column vectors, numeric matrix, and timetable.
Using the readtable function, we can make things more interesting by loading specific sheets in a workbook or a specific range. Say that we have a workbook dataforanalysis.xlsx, which contains two sheets of patients and workers. We can load the patient’s worksheet as shown below
Data for analysis = readable (‘dataforanalysis.xlsx’,’ Sheet’,’ patients’)
To load a specific range use
Dataforanalysis=readtable(‘dataforanalysis.xlsx’,’ Sheet’,’ patients’,’ Range’,’ A1:E11′)
If you want to use all the worksheets in the workbook, use the function spreadsheet Datastor. Here you will not need to add other variables, only the name of the file.

Writing data into a spreadsheet.

In some instances, after doing some analysis, you will need to save the data produced from the analysis. To Write or export a table to excel, use the function writeable. This function writes the table values into the first sheet of the workbook, beginning with the first cell.

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