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Mathematics MATLAB Homework Help

MATLAB boasts of a full range of functions that support numerical computations methods such as the development of algorithms and data analysis. For super-fast matrix and vector computations, these core functions make use of processor-optimized libraries. MATLAB can handle a myriad of mathematics topics. In this paper, we are going to show you how you can use this computational environment to perform several mathematical calculations. However, if you are stuck with your homework and do not know who to turn to for assistance, avail of our mathematics MATLAB homework help.

Elementary Math

Several elementary math topics can be computed in MATLAB. They include exponentials and logarithms, discrete math, trigonometry, complex values, remainders, and rounding. Below we have discussed in detail the elementary math functions available in MATLAB:


The functions include simple mathematics operators like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are also functions for common computations such as moving sums, summations, rounding, and modulo operations. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us when you need professional assistance with assignments on Integers, floating-point numbers, array versus matrix operations, operator precedence, compatible array sizes for basic operations, and many more.


Trigonometric functions in MATLAB can calculate cosine, sine, and other related functions. The results are displayed in either radians or degrees. You can use MATLAB to calculate standard trigonometric values and hyperbolic trigonometric values as well as inverse variants of every function. The deg2rad and rad2deg functions convert between degrees and radians. Additionally, you can use the cart2pol function to convert between coordinate systems.

Exponents and Logarithms

Apart from the known functions such as exp and log, MATLAB also has a plethora of other related functions that can perform numerical calculations. Numerical round-off errors in small arguments are compensated for by the log1p and expm1 functions. On the other hand, you can use the real log, real sqrt, and real pow functions to keep the range of the functions mentioned previously in real numbers. Also, you can compute roots of any order using the nth root function, and use special functions such as pow2 and nextpow2 to compute powers of two.

Linear Algebra

You can use MATLAB functions to perform excellent and robust matrix calculations. These functions extend the capabilities of MATLAB to handle various matrix factorizations, compute eigenvalues, solve linear equations, and many more. Avail of our help with mathematics MATLAB homework for remarkable assistance with matrix decomposition, matrix properties, matrix structure, matrix operations, and many more.

Computational Geometry

MATLAB offers a way of computing and representing 2-D or 3-D geometries. It has geometry objects and functions that support the following:


These functions allow you to represent triangulations and calculate geometric quantities. Moreover, you can use STL files to read and write triangulation data.

Delaunay Triangulation

In this type of triangulation, the number of narrow triangles is reduced. Delaunay triangulation is vertex ordering independent. The Delaunay and delaunayn MATLAB functions are used to create these types of triangulations.

Elementary Polygons

Simple polygons can be created and geometric quantities computed with a given set of points. You can use elementary object functions in MATLAB to query, modify, and visualize polygons.

Other topics that our mathematics MATLAB experts can handle

Our team of mathematics MATLAB experts is knowledgeable on all the mathematics computations that can be performed in MATLAB. They are acquainted with the relevant mathematics functions that can handle:

  • Interpolation
  • Optimization
  • Random number generation
  • Numerical differentiation and integration equations
  • Graph and network algorithms
  • Fourier analysis and filtering
  • Sparse matrices

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