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Filter Design Assignment Help

Digital filters are the mathematical operations performed on all the signals in a signal processing system. They are vital because they remove foreign artifacts from signals, thus improving their quality and prepare them for additional processing. A myriad of signal processing tasks uses digital filters. These tasks include:
• Noise and outlier removal
• Shaping of waveforms
• Signal recovery
• Signal smoothing
MATLAB can be used along with the DSP System toolbox to design, analyze, and implement filters. These engineering environments possess extensive resources that can handle these tasks. Engineers can design and analyze a plethora of FIR and IIR filters using interactive tools such as the Filter design and analysis tool. Additionally, they can use the Filter Visualization tool to compare filters. Several built-in functions support designing and analyzing analog filters.
To implement filters on embedded hardware, filters should be converted to a fixed point. Then, the DSP system toolbox can be used to analyze quantization effects. Structures such as overlap-add FIR, direct-form FIR, direct –form II with second-order sections, lattice structures, and cascade all-pass can also be used to implement filters. An HDL code can be generated from filter designs. This code can be deployed onto ASICs and FPGAs.
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How to design Lowpass filters in MATLAB as Guided By Our Filter Design Homework Help Experts

The first decision you have to make when designing a lowpass filter is whether you want to make an IIR or FIR filter. FiR filters are usually considered when the linear phase response is vital. Also, these types of filters are used for fixed-point implementation. The reason is FIR filters are robust to quantization effects. Moreover, they are also preferred in several high-speed implementations like ASICs or FPGAs since they are well-suited for pipelining.

On the other hand, IIR filters like biquad filters are suitable for applications like audio signal processing. In these types of applications, phase linearity is not important. Generally, these types of filters are considered more efficient for computations. Meaning, IIR filters can fulfill the specifications of the design with fewer coefficients as compared to FIR filters. Additionally, they have a smaller group delay and a shorter transient response. In terms of efficiency (computational wise) and group delay, however, FIR filters and not IIR filters can result from the use of multi-rate and minimum-phase designs.

Specifying the Filter Order 

You may be required to specify the filter order in many situations. For example, when your target is hardware that has constrained the filter order to a particular number. The other scenario when you have a limited filter order after you have computed the MIPS (available computational budget for your implementation. Fir1, firls, and firpm, which are design functions found in the signal processing Toolbox, can design lowpass filters with a specific order. Similarly, the DSP system toolbox has the firceqrip function which can be used to design a lowpass FIR filter with a specified order.

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• Lattice Filters: All zero and all-pole filters

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