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Resources are limited. This is not just any other opinion, but it’s a fact. Economists believe that resources are limited, and that is why we have to work hard to get them. Anything that is limited requires an effort to get it. Let’s talk about money. Money is something that is not readily available. Its availability is limited for most people. In the same way, an organization might find itself strained on certain resources. For example, all computers cannot handle the most demanding tasks. But it is possible to solve this problem, given that there are various computer models with different capabilities in the market. Some are better resourced than others and can do the most complex tasks in the organization. However, if your computer cannot do the complex task on its own, there is a way out of this if you are using Matlab in the project. Do you want to know which way it is? Read this article, and you will be informed of this.


Matlab is a high-level programming language that is used heavily by the science community. It was initially built to provide help with projects in fields such as engineering, science, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and the automotive industry. Therefore, it’s an indispensable tool to a scientist and has all the features that a scientist would require in their projects. With Matlab, if you are working on a large project and your computer cannot handle this task, or it will take a lot of time, there is a way you could utilize the resources of your fellow workers. Matlab has a tool that ensures that it can work with multiple computers concurrently and achieve the desired results in an efficient manner. This is the Matlab distributed computing server. In earlier versions, it was known as Matlab distributed computing server, but since the versions such as R2019a came into existence, it was renamed to parallel computing server. Since we are referring to the same thing, we will use the term that most people are familiar with.

 The Matlab distributed computing server.

Having a large project to be executed should not be the sole reason for a company to upgrade its computer system. If you have Matlab in your system, you can acquire the Matlab distributed computing server, which allows for parallel computing. You can carry out large calculations simultaneously, reducing the time that it would have taken for such a large operation to complete. Here is how Matlab distributed computing server functions. First, there has to be the main client with the task. The client then assigns each employee a parallel task. It’s more like delegating certain tasks that a manager can do. A characteristic of the task is that they should be capable of running independently but still complement the whole project.

Do the clusters need to have Matlab installed in their system?

Absolutely not. They need not have a Matlab in their system. With Matlab distributed computing servers, all their licensing is handled with it. You are allowed to redistribute the license to multiple computers with the minimum threshold being 8. In some licenses, it could scale up to 32 computers.

Basic terminologies in Matlab distributed computing server.

Matlab worker. These are the other computers that are assigned tasks. They can be other workers in an organization with their own desktops, which can be connected via the toolbox. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the multiple cores in your desktop and run local workers.

Matlab client. This is the Matlab session with which the in-charge of the project interacts with. The client gives workers the tasks.

Node. This is a standalone computer containing all the necessary resources needed in a project. We could say it’s the Matlab worker’s desktop.

Scalability. Literally, scalability means the capacity to change in size. In parallel computing, what is being altered is the speed of the system and can be changed by adding more nodes.

Advantages of using the Matlab distributed computing server

There are numerous advantages that you get from parallel computing, which include the following.

  1. Speeding up the project. The process taken to complete the project is relatively short because all the parallel tasks of the project can be done simultaneously instead of sequentially. Doing it sequentially will mean that you have to wait for a certain task to end before you can proceed to the next. The time you take to finish the task is at the mercy of how fast your desktop is. Even with the fastest desktop, you could still get short of the time required.
  2. The pooling of efforts. You have brought more people into the task can be construed as more brains of the company are working on the project. If more people are working on it, there is going to be a quality output.
  3. Taking advantage of the resources in the company. With parallel computing, you take full advantage of the resources in the company, which could have been underutilized.
  4. Scale-up data. In the case of big data that might prove hard to work with, you can partition it to the workers, which will make it desirable to work on the data.
  5. Speeding up Simulink simulations. There are lots of computers at your disposal within an organization that can run in parallel, meaning that any simulations can be done at a shorter time as it’s distributed between workers and run simultaneously.

Do you have a Matlab distributed computing server installed in your system?

Well, for the Matlab distributed server to function, it has to be in your system. The Matlab distributed computing server is to be purchased from Mathworks. If you are not sure if you have it or not, type the function help Dist comp on the Matlab console, which will give you information on the functions that will help you to distribute tasks to other computers.

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