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What if you have a Matlab code and want to generate another Matlab code that will do exactly what you expected it to do? Normally, what you need is to read the code and then generate the code manually. This is a very cumbersome process and is dependent on how experienced you are with the two programming languages. It needs you to have a good knowledge of the usage of the functions in the two languages. To cut the story short, this process is not as easy as one might think. Imagine you have to create the code afresh and do all the debugging. What if you forgot how a function works? Things would go haywire. That is kind of very hard. But here is how we can make it easy to generate a C code from a Matlab code. Matlab coder is what you should use to get C code in a more efficient and faster way.

Matlab coder

Matlab coder is a Matlab app that can be used for the purpose of generating a C \C++ code. The code generated by this tool is ready for use and will provide the results that you wanted the code to produce. However, there are some hidden processes that Matlab coder always does each time it converts a code. Preparing, testing, and generation. This process is iterated severally until the code produces the same results in C.

Preparing. Here you prepare the Matlab code for a generation. You check if the functions available can be used for low-level C coding.

Testing. Here you do the basic C code generation using default settings. It generates a MEX function and checks for runtime errors on the MEX function. If you cannot generate the MEX function, then you have to repeat the process from the beginning. If everything functions well proceed to the next step.

Generation. Here you have the option to remain with the code in step two or proceed to advanced methods of code generation. You can iterate the process until you attain the optimal code. When using Matlab coder, the whole process is done for you. You won’t have to go through it again.

The process of C code generation might look simple, but it’s not without challenges. The challenge faced in converting the codes in the two languages is based on the fact that the two have some inbuilt differences. Let’s take a look at these challenges.

  1. The difference in memory allocation. The allocation of memory in Matlab is automatic, while in C, it has to be done manually. The options of allocating the memory are static, dynamic, and uses local variables.
  2. Matlab is an array-based programming language. In C, such operations done on Matlab using arrays can be used by for-loops.
  3. Variable deflation. In C, you have to explicitly declare the variable that you are using while in Matlab, you do not need to declare these variables. They are determined automatically.

What is the difference between the Matlab coder and Matlab compiler SDK?

Both of them are the most often used tools used in Matlab to interface with other languages like C and C++. They might seem to perform the same role, but in a real sense, they are not. So, how do the two differ? Matlab compiler SDK is a tool that enables you to interface with other languages like C, java, python. You could also interface Matlab with Microsoft excel. With it, you can use functions and packages from other languages. For Microsoft Excel, you can use several Microsoft Excel add-ins. It’s very beneficial if you have a good grasp of the other computer programming languages and you want to hasten your work by not having to research further on the Matlab function that can be used for a specific purpose. Matlab coder, on the other hand, is very specific and can only be used to generate codes. With it, you can only generate C/C++ codes. You get a readable code that you could not get from mat lab compiler SDK.

Advantages of using the Matlab coder to generate codes.

  1. The generated code is the same as the code generated manually. In fact, it produces the same results as the hand-coded one. You might find it hard to differentiate the two.
  2. The code does not have any defects. You won’t need to debug it as it has no errors. The code produced is a perfect one achieving the results that you need.
  3. One disadvantage of using hand-coding is that it generally takes a long time to produce the code. Using Matlab coder, you will get an accurate code in a shorter time without a lot of stress, ensuring that you meet the deadline that you needed for a project.
  4. Take, for instance, that you want to change something in the code. It could take longer if you opt for hand-coding. But by using Matlab coder you can add the change and evaluate its results within minutes. Thus, you can easily verify a new idea that you had.

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