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Financial Time Series Homework Help

In MATLAB, financial time series objects are usually used as MATLAB structures. If you are not familiar with how this works, please opt for our financial time series homework help. Also, MATLAB has full documentation on this in its manual. You can check it out and learn how MATLAB structures work. In this paper, we are going to assume that you are acquainted with the concept of MATLAB structures and how to use MATLAB in general. Please also note that in financial time series, the word component is used interchangeably with the term field in MATLAB structure.

Object Structure in Financial Time Series

There are three component names in a financial time series object. They are:
● Desc – This is the description field
● Freq – The frequency indicator field
● Dates- The date vector
 The description field will be a blank character vector if you use the constructor fints to build the object. On the other hand, if you use ascii2fts to create the object from a text data file. The frequency indicator field has a default value of unknown frequency. The default will be set to unknown for objects created from the unknown. Let us say for example you decide to selectively pick values from an object, the new object will probably have a different frequency from that of the object it originated from.
There are no set date values for the data vector. You should provide an appropriate name for the date vector when creating an object. You are, however, allowed to make changes later if you wish so. Also note that if you fail to provide a name for your time series, the default name will be Series1. Similarly, if you have created more than one-time series in an object and do not assign them names, their default names will be series followed by a number. For example, if you have three unnamed time series in an object, their default names will be Series, Series2, and Series3.
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Guide by Our Financial Time Series Experts on How to Use The Financial Time Series App in MATLAB

The experts associated with us are well-versed in the financial time series app in MATLAB. They can perfectly handle all projects associated with it including the following:
● How to create a financial time series object
If you want to create a financial time series object, you have to use the create tab. It can be found in the Financial Time Series App’s FINTS Objects and Outputs pane. Proceed to create fints (financial time series) object from the selected variables. For more details on the steps of creating financial time series objects, hire our financial time series experts.
● Merging Financial Time Series Objects
You can also join or merge multiple existing financial time series objects. To create a fints object by joining existing time series objects, follow the steps below:
1. First, you need to load data into the fints app. Your data can be from an external source or an internal data source. You can use the Data feed toolbox to source data externally or use File > Load > File to get your stored data.
2. Next, click Create > Components and then choose your preferred value for the time vector source. You should also select from the data sources list one or more items.
3. Finally, create a FINTS object. The result will be displayed in the Data Table.
● How to convert a financial time series object to a MATLAB double-precision matrix
 On the financial time series app, go to the FINTS Objects and Outputs pane. There, you can use the convert tab to change a fints object to a MATLAB double-precision matrix. Here are the steps of how to do this.
1. Just like in the previous section, we first need to load data into the financial time series app. Please refer to the above on how to load data from an external or internal source.
2. Next, choose a variable from the MATLAB workspace Variables list.
3. Click on the convert button and decide whether in the conversion you want to include or exclude dates.
4. Provide a variable name. You should do this in the Output variable name box. Remember that the financial time series app will use a default name, myDbl if you do not provide a variable name.
5. Lastly, choose to convert FINTS to double Matrix. This command is the same as when fts2mat is performed on a financial time series object.
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