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Simulink Online Tutor

Georgia, USA


Master’s Degree, Control Systems Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, USA


I am a full time online Matlab assignment help expert and a part-time lecturer in one of the universities here in the US.


Got a difficult Simulink task? Need an assignment writer or an online tutor for Simulink topics? Look no further. I have more than 10 years’ experience as a professor but my journey as a Matlab assignment expert and online tutor started 3 years ago when I joined this company. Among the topics on which I have rendered academic assistance to students include friction models, state events, double spring-mass systems, simulation for transport systems, modeling of Foucault pendulum, and Jacobian structure. Currently, I am also offering online tutoring on the applications of machine learning and I can provide quality assignment help on this topic as well. So I am open to all kinds of Simulink and machine learning projects.

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