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Simulink Professional

Liverpool, UK

John K

Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Engineering, University of Leeds, UK


I have been associated with Matlab Assignment Experts for over 10 years now where I have been tasked with providing online Matlab assignment help to students.


My motivation comes from my love for working with students and for the period that I have been working with this company, I have gained extensive experience in Simulink, and offered professional assistance on the same. I have successfully delivered more than 3000 orders on a wide range of Simulink topics including single hydraulic cylinder simulation, thermal models, the approximation of nonlinear relationships, digital waveform generation, accurate zero-crossing detection, spiral galaxy formation simulation, modulo-4 counter, and conditionally executable subsystems, to highlight a few. If you are looking for help with any of these topics or any other Simulink topic, feel free to contact me.

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