MATLAB Problem Solutions Online

MATLAB Problem Solutions Online

MATLAB is abbreviated as Matrix Laboratory. MATLAB is used in various fields like Electrical and Electronics, Mathematics, Calculus; Image processing, Biomedical Engineering, Remote Sensing, Statistics, Control and Robotics etc.

Why we use MATLAB:

MATLAB has many advantages over other methods or languages:

Advantages of MATLAB:

  • Its basic data element is the matrix. The simple integer is considered as an matrix of one row and one column.  Many mathematical operations that work on arrays or matrices are built-in to the Matlab environment. As an example, cross-products, the dot-products, the determinants, the inverse matrices.
  • Vectorized operations. Adding two arrays together needs only one command, rather than that of “for” or “while loop”.
  • The graphical output is optimized for interaction. It enables us to plot our data very easily, then change colors, scales, sizes etc, with use of the graphical interactive tools.
  • Matlab’s functionality can be greatly expanded by the addition of toolboxes. They are sets of specific functions which provided more specialized functionality. For example Excel link gives permission to data to be written in a format recognized by Excel, the Statistics Toolbox allows more specialized statistical manipulation of data (Anova, and the Basic Fits, etc)

Disadvantages of MATLAB: 

There are also some disadvantages:

  • It uses large amount of the memory, on slow computers it is very hard to use.
  • It sits “on top” of Windows, getting as much CPU time as Windows allows it to have. It makes real-time applications very complicated.

MATLAB used for:

  • Computing with Matlab
  • Execute the Financial and the Econometric Forecasting
  • Function Handles
  • GNU Octave
  • interactive MATLAB session
  • Interfacing with other languages
  • MATLAB in Finance
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Physical OOP with MATLAB
  • Portfolio Optimization and Analysis
  • Variables and Vector operations
  • Curve fitting and interpolation

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