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Physical modeling
Physical modeling can be defined as a smaller or larger physical copy of an object. The primary purpose of modeling is for simulation exercise. A typical example where physical modeling is often applied is in architecture, precisely when there is an architectural design and further experiments are to be conducted on it. Remember, a faulty architectural design could lead to loss of money and loss of lives. Therefore, there must be a thorough analysis to determine how good a plan is. We can create a model that incorporates all the data related to the specific architectural design. With the model, we can carry out simulations and decide on the appropriateness of the design.
A physical model can be larger or smaller than the object. A smaller physical mode is always used for testing purposes. For such models, simulations are carried out to test the suitability of the design. Larger models are used to show the smaller properties of the model, which were not visible in the original model.

Examples of physical models.

Physical modeling can be applied to so many fields. Below are the examples of physical models.
  1. A model of a person
  2. Car model
  3. Railway model
  4. House model
  5. Rocket model

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