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Electronics Engineering Professor

England, UK

Parton R

Doctor of Philosophy, Electrical Engineering, The University of Edinburgh, UK


Ex electrical engineering professor and a full-time academic helper/online tutor at Matlab Assignment Experts


I spent 25 years working as an electrical engineering professor at a local university here in the UK and even after my retirement, I still had a strong will to continue working with students. Hence, I decided to look for opportunities to work as an academic assistant, and after a few days of searching, I bumped into Matlab Assignment Experts where I have been working for close to three years now. Owing to my solid experience in electronic engineering, I have managed to help students with numerous assignments from a wide range of topics including magnetic generators, material segregation, temperature adjustable heating systems, automatic systems, remote data monitoring systems, and so much more. I also offer online tutoring on electrical engineering to students who need extra learning.

Telecommunications Engineering Homework Helper

I offer high-quality telecommunications engineering solutions to students globally at an affordable price. I am a highly experienced telecommunications engineering homework helper in Matlab, and I provide solutions that guarantee students a top grade. Currently, I am a practicing telecommunications engineer, and I have been providing solutions for many years, serving thousands of students. Most of the students who have served over the years have either rehired me for similar assignments or referred other students to me. My solutions are timely, original, and pocket-friendly. I am not limited to any particular topic in telecommunications engineering as I can competently tackle topics such as cloud programming, network engineering, and programming, among others. Should you need special tutoring in any telecommunication engineering subject, I am always flexible to do so. Submit your assignment here, and I will send you a free quotation.

Computer Engineering Assignment Solver

If you are looking for an experienced computer engineering assignment solver to help you with your assignment, I am here for you. I hold a Ph. D in computer engineering, and I help both undergraduate and postgraduate students better their grades by providing original, timely, and efficient solutions. I have been in the industry for over a decade now, and therefore I have the much-needed skills and experience to guarantee you the best grades whenever you hire me. What is more, I can competently tackle any topic in computer engineering, be it data structure and algorithms, computer programming language, computer architecture, discrete mathematics, design and analysis of algorithms, or any other. My services are friendly, affordable, and characteristic of favorable student discounts. You don’t have to worry about your geographical location or the most convenient time to access me because my services are global, and I am always available online. Trust me with your assignment and watch me better your grades.

Skilled Power Systems Tutor

Skilled power system assignment many a time pose challenges to students. With a skilled power system tutor, all the complexities are broken down. I am a skilled power system tutor, and I offer top-notch solutions to students from all parts of the world at an affordable price. My primary aim is to better your grades, and therefore, I apply all my skills and experience to guarantee you a top grade in power systems and Matlab in general. I not only provide solutions to your assignments, but I got an extra step to simplify any complex concepts making every bit of my solutions understandable to you. Moreover, I also offer online classes to students who may wish to have an extra revision. I am aware of the dangers of plagiarism, and therefore, I craft every bit of my solutions from scratch. When you hire me, I always ensure that I deliver on time. The most beautiful part of my online services is that they are available on a 24/7 basis and are incomparably affordable. Should you wish to glimpse the quality of services I offer, I can always share samples of my previous works. Hire me and get the most amazing online experience.

Experienced Microelectronics Educator

Is your microelectronics assignment giving you sleepless nights, and do you need an expert to help you with it? Worry not because I am here for you. I am an experienced microelectronics educator. For more than a decade now, I have been providing students with first-class solutions in all microelectronics topics in Matlab, including fundamental microelectronic circuit analysis and design, modelling of microelectronic devices, physical electronics of semiconductor junction and MOS devices, and development of circuit models, among others. I am credible and reliable, and most of the students I have helped over the years have rehired me for similar tasks and refereed other students as well. My solutions are timely, original and simplified for easy understanding. Most importantly, my charges are pocket-friendly and characteristic of favourable client discounts. Hire me, and let me walk you through the journey of academic success.

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