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Data Mining Expert

Manchester, UK

Benson H

Masters of Business Administration, Business Statistics and Information Science, University of Manchester


Top-rated expert Matlab assignment helper


I have more than 10 years of experience as a data analyst and I have been using different types of statistical software applications to manipulate data. My area of expertise is, however, Matlab. This has given me the strong background needed to become an academic assistant at Matlab Assignment Experts.   I have been rendering my services for the past three years. Some of the topics with which I have offered my assistance include data generation, machine learning, data mining, statistical modeling, decision structure, in time and out of time validation, model calibration, and multivariate classification and regression, to mention a few. Contact me for help with any of these topics.

Accomplished in Pattern Discovery

If you are pursuing a course related to data mining, then writing assignments on pattern discovery is mandatory. Regardless of whether you grasped what was taught in class or not, your professor expects you to conduct a thorough research and submit sound solutions. The aim of pattern discovery is to use sophisticated data mining tools to find abnormal or periodic trends in data. If you do not understand the concepts and the methods used for this process, there is no way you can submit top-class solutions. However, all hope is not lost because I am here to lend you a helping hand. I have a perfect record of solving technical pattern discovery assignments. I can also help you with finding the right data for your assignment if your professor did not provide you with one.

Skilled in Cluster Analysis

The term cluster is often used to refer to a group of objects that have similar attributes. The objects in a group may be similar to each other but different from other objects in other groups. Cluster analysis is often used is several fields such as market research, pattern recognition, data analysis and many more. Please get in touch with me if you are stuck with your cluster analysis homework. I am acquainted with all the requirements of clustering in data mining. I can handle unstructured and messed up data, high dimensional data, and also use different kinds of clustering algorithms. You should take advantage of my skills because I guarantee custom-written solutions and reports that are worthy of a decent grade.

RapidMiner Expert

RapidMiner is a renowned data mining tool. It can be used for predictive analysis, business analysis and text mining. If your assignment requires the use of a RapidMiner application, then you not only need to have access to this software but also know how to use it. I have an in-depth knowledge of how RapidMiner works. Additionally, I possess hands-on experience on its application. This makes me the right person you should get in touch with when you are searching for a reliable and adept RapidMiner expert. For close to seven years now, I have been helping students solve their data mining projects using RapidMiner. I am happy to say that all the students who have opted for my help have never regretted hiring me. This is crystal clear from the positive reviews that I have received.

Experienced in Sequential Patterns

Where can I get an expert to assist me with my sequential patterns assignment? This is a common question often asked by students who are stuck with their data mining homework on sequential patterns. If you are also sailing in this boat, you should breathe a sigh of relief because I am a master of sequential patterns. I know that the main reason why businesses use data mining is to anticipate the patterns and behavior exhibited by customers. They try to understand what makes a customer to purchase a particular product. This is what sequential patterns try to reveal. I am available whenever needed to help you ace your assignment in this area.

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