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Thermodynamics Professional

Florida, USA


Master of Science, Electronic Systems & Management Engineering, Harvard University


Online Matlab assignment help expert


I am a mechanical engineer by profession but for the past 5 years, I have been using my skillset to provide academic assistance to college and university students who have trouble mastering various concepts of Matlab. Though I am well versed in Matlab as a subject, my area of competence is Simulink and over the years, I have offered academic assistance with various projects assigned from this area including CAD modeling, product design, thermodynamic and heat calculations, 3D modeling, and aerodynamic analysis, to name a few. I have also built simulations for complex assemblies such as robotic arm crop harvester, 4-wheel powered vehicle, fork lifter, and more. If convenience, quality solutions, and quick TAT is what you are looking for, then I believe I am the perfect person to work with.

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