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MATLAB Online Help Tips: How To Plot A Function

Not sure how to plot a function using Matlab? Get some insights from our Matlab homework help experts.

Learn how to plot a function from our Matlab assignment help experts

A function can be defined as a set of statements that are implemented together to perform a certain task. Functions work on variables that are available within their workspace. This workspace is also referred to as the local workspace. It is different from the workspace provided by Matlab that is accessed using a command prompt, commonly referred to as the base workspace.
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How to plot a function in Matlab: A step-by-step guide

1. Start the Matlab engine on your computer

If you do not have the Matlab software installed on your computer, get the setup and install it.

2. Know the type of function you want to plot

The program files in Matlab do not store anonymous functions. You should understand what function you want to graph first. This is because Matlab requires the user to declare the independent variables the function has. Examples of anonymous functions include trigonometric, rational polynomials, and logarithmic.

3. Know the interval that your function is to be graphed on

The interval that your function is to be graphed on is to be entered before graphing your function. Intervals in Matlab usually have lower and upper bounds.

4. Click inside the command window

Your individual statements are entered here. You can assign values and functions to variables and plot functions inside the command window.

5. Name the function

Typical function names are f and g. however, there is no restriction. You can name your function whatever you want. The only thing you should consider is that the name should start with a letter and not contain any special characters.

6. Set the independent variables

To do this, put an = sign after the name of the function. The next thing is to put space and the “@” sign, then open the parenthesis. After the “(“sign, you can start listing all the independent variables. Use a comma to separate the independent variables.

7. Type your function

Type your function after setting up the independent variables. Some of the common types of functions in Matlab include:
  • Cosine –cos(x)
  • Addition – “2+x”
  • Exponent – X^2

8. Press “Enter”

Pressing enter saves the function to the variable. The function appears in the next line after you have pressed enter.

9. Plot the function

If you are plotting an anonymous function, use “fplot” even if your function is not named f.
fplot(function name, interval) – This is the proper syntax
The interval should be written as [lower bound upper bound]. Do not stress if you do not know the interval, just type “fplot(f)” and MATLAB will pick the interval for you. You should press enter again after typing this.

10. Click “Back” in the command window

Ensure you do not exit out of the graph because you will not be able to add the graph if you do so. Just click back in the command window.

11. Add label title and axes

Hit enter each time after labeling axes or title. Here is how to assign a name to each:
• x-axis: xlabel(‘name’)
• y-axis: ylabel(‘name’)
• title:title(‘name’)

12. Save the graph

To save the graph, on the graph window, click on the file then press Save As and choose where you want to save it.

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