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Implementation of finite element analysis of truss in MatlabFinite element analysis of the truss can be defined as the process of performing a simulation of the behavior of an assembly under certain conditions. It is commonly used in engineering to simulate physical phenomena in order to reduce the ...

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Mechatronics Engineer

Toronto, Canada

Humphrey J

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Queen’s University, Canada


Certified academic assistant and top-rated tutor at Matlab Assignment Experts


My name is Humphrey, a passionate mechatronics engineer and a full-time academic assistant at Matlab Assignment Experts. I have vast knowledge and background in Matlab Simulink and mechanical engineering, which makes me the perfect fit for a wide range of projects involving machine design, robotics, mechanical design, product design and development, prototyping, 3D printing, and electrical/electronics design. This is my ninth year working as an academic assistant and due to my passion and commitment, I always produce the best possible deliverables that give you real success in academia.

Ardent Mechatronics Structures Assignment Solver

Mechatronics students learn Structures using MATLAB to verse themselves with the programming language's concepts applicable to their course. Topics like Matrix Operations, Array Operations, Polynomials, and others, are covered here. The concepts may be confusing, especially if the student doesn't have much time to spare for studies. Well, that's normal but dangerous. Luckily, there's a way to cover it up. You can pay to always get help from an experienced Mechatronics Structures Assignment Solver like me. I work online to help students upgrade their GPA by solving their assignments and teaching them. I'm experienced in handling assignments as a student and as a tutor. Therefore, I understand what is needed for a student to excel, and that's what I dish out.

Brilliant Transfer Functions Homework Solver

Mechatronics needs Transfer Functions alongside the Control System Toolbox in MATLAB to perform myriads of tasks around simulation and system analysis. This study revolves around LTI models, TF Analysis Plots, TF System Simulation, Block Diagrams Connection, and TF System Responses, among others. I'm proud to make it known that I fully understand all these topics and more. I'm a freelance Transfer Functions Homework Solver who enjoys teaching students and solving their difficult assignments/projects. I have close to a decade's experience in working with students to help them improve their overall performance. If you're a Mechatronics Engineer who needs to wrap his/her head around the relevant MATLAB concepts listed above, contact me for peerless service.

Accomplished Function Plotting Homework Solver

I do simple and complex Mechatronics Plotting tasks in using MATLAB. Likewise, I can tutor those who need to understand any Plotting concept. My passion and happiness are to see students excel and leave positive reviews about my academic services online. I've served 900+ students as of now but I'm aiming at the largest number possible. My experience as a Function Plotting Homework Solver is unparalleled and unique as it comes with a success guarantee or your money back. Better still, I've never refunded a student his/her money over failure because that never happens.

Best Mechatronics Simulation Specialist

Feel free to ask for my assistance in any simulation academic test in Mechatronics. I can handle assignments, online exams, and other tests. I boast Mechatronics tutoring experience both offline and online for 9+ years. Consequently, I fully understand everything needed to excel in exams, and that's what I help students learn. As an ardent Mechatronics Simulation Specialist, I understand everything about this field, from Simulation Running and Subsystems creation (and use) to the LTI viewer and various Libraries. That means I can always handle your assignment to matter your level of study or the topic.

Top Control Systems Assignment Solver

Whether you're stuck with an assignment or have an exam around the corner, ask for my help with Control Systems and you won't fail. As an experienced Contrrol Systems Assignment solver, I understand everything about Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal, and Flow systems, not to mention Digital Control and other topics. I have completed several Mechatronic Engineering projects under these study fields. I've also shared my knowledge with thousands of students via teaching (online and offline). Therefore, you can confidently rely on me for unfailing assistance with your academic tests on Control Systems and related concepts.

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Solving Systems Equations

Initialization & Iterative Solvers

Published : 25-08-2019

The assignment necessitates the use of Matlab in writing a script that solves a given system using the Gauss Seidel method, Successive Over Relaxation (SOR) method, and Jacobi method. You should then solve a system of linear equations to find the unknown values in vector v using the Gauss Seidel method, Successive Over Relaxation (SOR) method, and Jacobi method.

The response of Single and Two Degree of Freedom

In this project, we will get the chance to implement some numerical techniques for computing the response of a single degree of freedom (SDOF) and the two degrees of freedom (2DOF) systems. There are many integration methods such as the Runge-Kutta method, the Simpson method, and the Gauss quadrature. In order to solve the SDOF and 2DOF, we call the builtin ode45 MATLAB function, which uses the Runge-Kutta method.

III. ConclusionComparing the obtained numerical results, in the first case of SDOF all the numerical results are the same in the three cases for v=40, 90, and 140 km/hr. In the case of 2DOF, there a small difference between the solutionand the other one , but it is no remarkable.