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Machine Learning Analyst

New Delhi, India

Prabhat, J

Bachelor of Science, Economics, University of Delhi
Master of Science, Data Science, University of Lucknow


I am a retired data analyst and full-time academic assistant at Matlab Assignment Experts


I am passionate about leveraging data to create solutions that help students score better in their data analysis projects. I am knowledgeable of various data manipulation tools, including Matlab and I have utilized this knowledge to deliver high-quality solutions to projects derived from data analysis topics such as graph analytics, augmented reality, behavioral analytics, time series, agile data science, hyper-personalization, machine learning, and more.

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Finance Using Matlab


Published : 13-05-2020

The project is about how people invest expecting to receive more than the amount they invest. Depending on the investment plan, interest is calculated differently, the most common ways being continuous compounding and discrete compounding. You are required to write a Matlab script that calculates payoff using annually continuously compounded interest and discretely compounded interest for different scalar inputs. Next, you should extend your program to take the vector inputs and then produce a plot of the payoff. Lastly, write a short critique of using computer-aided problem-solving.