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Linear Regression Professional

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David L

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I work as a Matlab assignment help expert in one of the most reputed educational assistance companies online. My area of expertise is machine learning and for the past 6 years, I have been rendering my services to students who are struggling with assignments from different topics of machine learning. Some of the topics on which I have provided professional support include supervised learning, graphical models, VC dimension, linear regression, Q learning, TD lambda, variation methods, and more.

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Linear System Modeling

Linear Programming

Published : 01-01-2018

In this task, you are given three questions. The first question requires you to solve a given linear programming problem using the primal-dual interior point method. The second question necessitates you to solve a given problem using a nonlinear programming method, and the third question requires you to solve a problem using the conditional gradient method. Both questions one and two require you to write a Matlab code as well.