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Matlab Homework Help

Students from time to time have to do their homework. What is it? Homework is the type of assignment that is meant to be done outside school hours, that is at home. However, in some cases, they are done at school in the extra classes.

What is the purpose of homework?

Given the high volume of homework that is given to students, it’s safe to ask what the intended goal of homework. Homework is meant to reinforce what is learned in class. That is why most teachers give homework from the lessons learned in class. It facilitates mastering the skills learned in class. You should note that the brain is like a muscle that needs to be worked out more than once. Students can retain the information more when study material is learned more than once. Therefore, homework ensures that the students do not stop reading where the teacher left.

Another importance of homework is that it helps the teacher cover the areas that he/she did not teach in class or had no time to be covered. This type of homework is the one that students find most challenging. They force the students to research further on the topics, and it is obvious that they would learn more.

What is the attitude towards homework?

Through the homework, we can get some idea about the psychology of the students and other stakeholders. For instance, we get the report that the majority of students have a dislike for homework because it’s another task that hinders them from enjoying the things they love to do after school.

To parents, it’s an ambivalent issue, they have rejected and accepted it at different times. A large number of parents rejected the homework as it greatly affected the students’ social life. Most of the time, students are indoors trying to find out the homework solutions. In the 1980s, their attitudes shifted in favor of homework as a report by the national commission on education highlighted the mediocrity in American education and suggested homework as a tool that could help improve the education system. This continued for some time till the 1990s, but at the turn of the new decade, their attitude changed once more this time against homework as parents were concerned by the level of stress brought about by the homework.

Who invented homework?

Have you ever cared to ask yourself who proposed the idea of homework -Something that is despised by so many students around the world? Everything has its origin, and homework has its origin too. Who would have imagined such an omnipresence of homework in academic institutions? Quite frankly, the origin of homework is not something that could be pointed to a specific place or time. There are different versions trying to explain the origin of homework. The first one says that homework has its origin in Italy. Roberto Nevilis is said to be the man behind it. The story behind it claims that he was greatly disappointed by the performance of his class, and so he decided to punish them in the most outright way by giving them homework. And that is how homework started, and institution after institution started to borrow from it. You will find him in most memes by students who joke about the fact that he was the man behind all their problems.

Another story claims that homework had its origin in California. Americans have a high belief that homework originated from their country. However, decades later, homework was abolished from their country.

How homework has revolved.

During the industrial revolution, homework was given to students and did not include the long homework assignment but reading. Students would read scientific literature and plays and be expected to write down what they read, which would be checked by the teachers. Homework originated from a strict teacher. This gave it a stricter sense, and its overall output was a serious approach to education.

Homework was not really a form of punishment but something that would enforce class learning. Were it a punishment, it would have been abolished a long time back. Today homework is not as cumbersome as it used to be. Students are given a small amount of homework. They are therefore expected to be involved in more social activities outside school as there is a wide belief that social life is still important to the whole development of a student.

With the development of computers, students are allowed to write their homework using computers and submit their results via email to the lectures.

Is homework really beneficial to students?

For ages, students have been doing homework. Is it really beneficial to students, or it just adds to a lot of stress for nothing? From the goals that we have viewed above, it’s clear that the real intention of homework is not meant to be a sort of punishment to students but to help them increase their learning. Proponents of homework believe that homework helps to improve the student’s overall performance in class as most of the time, they would be actively involved in studying. However, caution should be taken on the amount of homework given to students as too much of it could lead to the opposite effects.

Homework, as we have seen, is a tool for reinforcing what is learned in class. We all know that practice makes perfect. The student’s retention level is increased if they do homework. Further, it helps the students gain skills such as time planning, accountability, critical thinking, independent problem solving, and discipline.

In some cases, homework makes the parents to be involved with what the students are doing. From this homework, parents can track what the students are learning in school. They could also learn the weakness that their children may have on the subjects, which could prompt them to work towards helping students to improve more.

All the points that we have listed above point out the advantages of homework. Remember, a coin always has two sides. It should be noted that in some cases, homework can hinder the learning of lower-income students as, after school, they go to do other activities that generate income.

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