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Data Analyst

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Boniface P

Master’s Degree, Data Science, The University of Edinburg


Experienced Matlab assignment helper with 5 years of experience in data analysis


I am a highly experienced data analyst and I have been offering assignment assistance in various fields of data analysis to help students who are stuck with projects on this topic. I help in the completion of assignments effectively and on time. I have experience in database development, data visualization, data mining, data representation, and more. I perform these techniques using Matlab, which makes me a great fit for anyone looking for expert help with data analysis using Matlab. I would be glad to discuss your project with you and provide the best solution.

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Data Manipulation

Data Analysis

Published : 23-02-2018

In this assignment, you are required to find some data from online resources and import it into Matlab. Explain your data briefly including the columns you are interested in. If the data contains too many columns, identify and list the columns you will be working on. Use Matlab to clean and organize your data. Next, try to comprehend your data for example, by measuring the variance, max, mean, etc. of the columns you are interested in or by plotting histograms, pie charts, 2-d plots, etc. Explain these plots and your findings. Finally, find the relationship between the different columns you are interested in and perform any other analysis you find helpful in manipulating and understanding your data.