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Matlab assignment solutions tips: How to create a simple GUI

Learn how to create a GUI from our Matlab assignment help experts. We also provide outstanding solutions for projects on this topic.

Get professional Matlab assignment help on how to create a simple GUI

Graphical User Interface commonly referred to as GUI is a computer program that allows people to interact with a computer using visual metaphors, symbols, and pointing devices. Best known for its application in Windows OS and Macintosh, GUI has become a better replacement for the arcane, a much more difficult textual interface that was used for earlier computing. Over the years, the relatively intuitive GUI has made learning and working with computers much easier, natural, and more pleasant.
Matlab, one of the most powerful mathematical programs across the world, is also one of the most popular tools for creating GUI. It is for this reason that Matlab is taught in almost all institutions of higher learning around the globe. If you are pursuing a course in mathematics, engineering, or system development, then Matlab is a tool you cannot do without. However, you shouldn’t worry if your assignments are too intricate. At MatlabAssignmentExperts.com, we provide students with exceptional MATLAB homework solutions that only warrant decent grades. Students who are having trouble completing assignments revolving around creating graphical user interfaces using Matlab can always contact us for Matlab assignment help.

Benefits of GUI explained by our Matlab homework helpers

One of the major advantages of systems using GUI is that anyone can be able to access and work with them irrespective of his/her experience level. Our Matlab experts argue that graphical user interfaces have made it easier for both beginner and advanced computer users to launch programs, move files, open menus, or search the web without having to master intricate command lines.
Graphical user interfaces also provide us with instant feedback. For example, when you click on an icon, it opens up, and you can see this in real-time. If you are using a command-line interface, there would be no way to tell whether you have made a valid entry until you hit enter on the keyboard. If the entry is not valid, the computer would not perform the task you intended it to. To learn more about the advantages of a graphical user interface or get assistance with assignments on this topic, liaise with our Matlab homework helpers.

How to create a simple GUI using Matlab

Apart from performing mathematical calculations, Matlab can also be used to develop graphical user interfaces (windows like applications). Here is how to create one:

1. Load the Matlab program on your laptop

You need to have the Matlab software installed and running on your computer before you can use it for any task.

2. On the Launchpad, click on “MATLAB” to expand the list. Then double-click on GUIDE (GUI Builder)

If you cannot access the launch pad, click on view and then launchpad. This will make the GUI builder appear.

3. On the left-hand side of the window, click on Ok

Clicking Ok allows you to drag and drop a push button.

4. Set the size of the square

Once in the grey area, click once and hold down the mouse button. Drag the mouse until it forms a square size that you want.

5. Release the mouse button

When you release the mouse button, your push button will appear.

6. Double click on the push-button created

A property manager will appear immediately after you double-click on the pushbutton you created.

7. Find the String field

Locate and click on the right area of the string field. You can type anything you want like say, “Hello”. Also, remember to change the tag to the “button”

8. Locate on the left a button labeled txt

Once you have located the txt button, repeat the process in step 8.

9. Save your work

Click on the file and then Save to save your work. The code for your program will pop up after you have saved it.

10. On your code editor, locate the Callback function.

Find the line of code that says: Varargout =pushbutton1_Callback(h, event data, handles, varargin). Pushing the button executes any code below this.
If you need any assistance in creating a simple graphical user interface, then seek the assistance of our experts. You can contact us at any time of the day or night. Our customer support executives are at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that all your queries are solved. Send them an email at info@matlabassignmentexperts.com or chat with them via our live chat platform at any time. We assure you that one of our competent customer executives will get back to you and ensure you receive immaculate help with Matlab assignments.

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