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Plot of data vs. time in Matlab assignment help

Plotting is one of the ways to visualize data. They are advantageous and are an indispensable tool for a data analyst as they can describe the data. For instance, in analyzing time series data, plots can be used to determine if the data is stationary. If the data is not stationary, a plot will reveal the number of differencing to be applied to the data.(Differencing is one of the ways of making the data stationary) Note that stationarity of the data is a requirement in time series analysis. In other cases, some information, which was not easily discernible in the data, can be revealed through a plot. For example, it is easy to discover the minimum and the maximum values of a plot.
Traditionally plots were drawn manually. Drawing these plots required the use of a pencil and a ruler and was not that effective when there was a large amount of data. However, this has changed, and computers can be used in plotting the data. What initiallyused to take hours to plot now takes seconds. Nearly every statistical software and computer language can be used in plotting. There are different kinds of plots, which can be used by a data analyst. These plots have different roles in the field of data analysis.
In most cases, students ask for a plot of data vs. time using Matlab homework help. Worry not. There are lots of plots that you can draw. Let us start by looking at the common ones and what they are used for.

Line graphs.

This is the most commonly used. Perhaps because it is much easier to plot. Most, however, have misused these graphs for other uses. Did you know that it is used to show trends in the data, I.e., is the data increasing or decreasing over time? It is the reason why it is used in forex related transactions. With Matlab, you can manipulate this graph and apply the different line styles, add a legend, plot multiple lines on the same plot, and even color the lines.

Scatter plots

Scatter plots are used to show the relationship between the data and time. In a specialized case, it is used as a test of normality. Depending on where the data is concentrated on the scatter plot, we can determine if its right-skewed or left-skewed.


A histogram is characterized as having bars to represent the data. A bar is used to represent the frequency of the data. A smaller bar indicates a low frequency, while the tallest bar suggests a high rate. A histogram is one of the visual methods used to test for normality. If the tall bars are concentrated more to the left, right, or center, we can say that the data is usually distributed. Manipulations offered by Matlab on histograms is to change the color of the bars and to add a legend on the histogram.

Bar plots

They are nearly the same as histograms. Both of them have bars. A bar graph is used to compare the performance of more than one variable over time. Let us say you have three products- mangoes, oranges, and banana that you intend to see their performance over the past year. With a bar plot, you can easily compare their performance within specific periods. Like how much sales each product generated in the month of April.
Generally, there are different kinds of plots. These are just the most commonly used types of plots. Other types of plots are probability plots, box plots, pie charts, residual plots, contour plots, block plots, and carpet plots. Get a plot of data vs. time using Matlab project help from our team of experienced experts. We offer project help to students like you at pocket-friendly price. Visit us at matlabassigmentexperts.com to get a plot of data vs. time homework help.
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