Plot Of Data Versus Time In Matlab project

Plot of Data vs Time in MATLAB Project

Plot of data against the time parameter can be done in a simplified manner by using Matlab. Plot in Matlab is a significant feature that can be used for further processing. There are a number of syntaxes in use in Matlab for plotting of the data against time variable. Our Matlab live expert tutors have explained the meaning of the syntaxes used in plot of data against time parameter. In the given case data and time both can be treated as the variables. Let us see the following descriptions: –

plot(ts) – By using this syntax we can execute the plotting of the time series data ts versus the time parameter. It also does the interpolation of values, in the sample by using linear interpolation which is the default value or by using zero order hold. In the plot, the current axesis displayed. The Matlab software does the creation of its own axes and title if no prior value are specified.

plot(tsc.tsname) – When we make use of this function, it does the plotting of the timeseries object, tsname which is an inherent part of tscollection, that is tsc.

In the above examples ts, tsc and tsname are nothing but the input arguments.

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