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Design At 10GBPS Assignment Help

Design at 10 GBPS using MATLAB usually involves SERDES, which stands for Serializer-Deserializer (SerDes is pronounced as sir-deez). It is a pair of functional blocks, which are commonly employed in high-speed communication applications to compensate for limited I/O. Such blocks convert data between parallel interfaces and serial data in each direction. “SerDes” as a term refers to the interfaces used in various apps and technologies. Its primary use is to enable transmission of data over a single line or a differential line such as to minimize the number of input/output interconnects and pins. Owing to such complicated nature of concepts involved, students often ask for Design at 10 GBPS Using MATLAB Assignment Help.

Another common application is the design of a 40 GBPS BiCMOS trans-impedance amplifier, which is used as the front end pre-amplifier stage of the optical communication system as a receiver. This design is modeled using ‘Pspice’. A ‘shunt shunt’ feedback circuit is used to achieve stability. This feedback circuit also improves the amplifier bandwidth.

There are many more such applications. Students keep reaching out to us via LiveChat or Email (info@matlabassignmentexperts.com) or sometimes they directly upload their MATLAB assignments on our website. You can take a look at some of our other pages like Robust Control Design Controllers Assignment Help and Network Design project to get more ideas about our prowess.

Let’s talk more about the BiCMOS amp here. ‘Shunt inductor peaking’ technique is used here to extend bandwidth further. Analytical expressions are developed for transfer functions in the input and output stages as well as the overall amplifier. MATLAB is used to get freq response curves for each of the stages. The performance of the amplifier designed can then be analyzed and evaluated wrt gain, noise, and bandwidth using analytical models and simulation results using Pspice. The amplifier developed in such a way is stable, gives desirable gain, and is also suitable for OC-768 SONET apps.

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