Doppler Processing project

Doppler Processing Project

Doppler Processing is a kind of signal processing that enhances the performance of radar. The small high-speed objects are detected with this process. The small fast moving objects are also identified that are close to the ground, or inside storms, or near the sea surface. Students should have some understanding of the ultra-wideband (UWB) radar technology to overcome their assignment-related issues. Our experts are skilled and experienced to offer Doppler Processing Project Help to the needy students. Since the Doppler processing improves the radar technology, it gives many promising solutions to a variety of sensing scenarios. It involves the short ranges, good resolution, low average power, and the ability to penetrate resources. The successful applications are the foliage-penetrating radar, sensing through the wall radar, and ground penetrating radar. High-resolution images of the stationary targets are produced when the platform is in slow motion. By using the Doppler processing concept the velocity of a moving target is estimated when the platform is stationary.

Students should visit to the link radar testing to understand the concept of Doppler processing technology. Narrowband pulses are used with pulsed radar in traditional Doppler. They are sampled and processed articulately over a certain time interval. A pulse is said to be a narrowband pulse during the coherent processing interval if the moving target lies within the same range resolution cell.

Two different types of UWB pulses are identified and they are the un-modulated or baseband pulses that are generated directly in the transmission band and modulated around a carrier frequency.Doppler spectrum of the received pulses is computed as in the conventional pulsed Doppler radar by considering the method of discrete Fourier transform. The different radar pulses are well discussed in the link Digital Pulse Radar Tx/Rx Diagram.

The Pulse-Doppler processing detects the moving targets in strong clutter environments by exploiting the differential Doppler shifts between the real targets and the clutter. It has wide applications in civil and military air surveillance radars. Students seek Doppler Processing Homework Help from our proficient experts to secure their excellent grades. We have the most talented and experienced experts who offer high-quality Doppler Processing assignment help. Students can submit their assignment at the earliest to secure their world-class grades. Even they can contact us via live chat or email.