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Doppler processing assignment help

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Doppler processing

Doppler processing refers to the usage of Doppler shift information to achieve the following.

  1. Detect objects in an environment where clutter is the dominant interference.
  2. Measure the target’s Doppler shift or radial velocity.

In general, there are two classes of Doppler processing, which are pulse-Doppler processing and moving target indication commonly abbreviated as MTI.

Before proceeding further, let us first understand what the Doppler shift is.

Doppler shift

Doppler shift is sometimes referred to as the Doppler effect and is named after Christian Doppler, an Austrian physicist who first described the phenomena in 1842. It refers to the change in the frequency of a wave in relation to the movement of the observer. To understand what Doppler shift is consider the following analogy. Assume there is a firetruck at a fixed distance from a listener. Further, assume that there is a stationary wavelength that transmits the sound to the listener. If the firetruck moves closer to the listener, then the listener will hear the sound as louder. On the other hand, if the firetruck moves away from the listener, the sound will start dwindling until a point that the listener will not hear it.

The reason for this could be explained using wavelength. From the firetruck, the sound waves emitted moves to the direction of the listener. Waves emitted will take a shorter distance to reach the listener if the distance between the firetruck and the listener is shorter. Conversely, the distance covered by the waves will be longer when the initial distance between the observer and the listener widens. The waves will, therefore, take longer to reach the listener. Therefore, the Doppler Effect can be used to determine the distance of the target from the transmitter and the velocity with which it moves from the transmitter.

Pulse-Doppler processing

Pulse-Doppler processing addresses the two goals of Doppler processing. It detects moving targets in a robust clutter environment. It employs a mechanism, which is able to differentiate Doppler shift from the real target and the clutters. Thus with the pulse-Doppler shift, it is possible to identify small, fast-moving targets from the slow large moving targets.

Moving target indicator

As the name suggests moving target indicator is used to determine the distance of a target, whether stationary or moving. Unlike pulse-Doppler processing, the MTI is more appropriate for a clear environment without other moving objects. MTI avoids range ambiguities by using Pulse repetition frequencies.

Doppler processing in Matlab

Matlab stands for Matrix Laboratory. This programming language was developed by Mathworks incorporation specifically for numerical computations. However, with the increased level of innovation, it has been developed to become more powerful and improved to perform many tasks. With Matlab, you can perform Doppler shift processing. It has a toolbox known as a Phased array system, which you can use for pulse-Doppler processing.

Assignment help

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