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Embedded system project help

Embedded system projects are common in an electronics engineering course, which is undoubtedly a much wider course. Electronics engineering gives students the opportunity to learn more and be exposed to real-life scenarios. However, it is not an easy one. More often than not, students have to deal with complex mathematical computations and have to do a lot of practical projects. Sometimes the assignments can be quiet challenging to the students. Some of the students decide to tackle it themselves while others ask for help from online embedded system experts. We are one of the legit online assistance companies ready to help the students.

Embedded system

Before proceeding any further, it is essential to know what embedded system really is. First, a system is a connection of entities that are designed to serve a specific purpose. In another definition, a system can be defined as a way of doing or working on one or more tasks according to a fixed plan. Embedded means something attached to another thing. So now, we can define an embedded system in the context of electronics engineering as a computer system that integrates both the software and the hardware to perform a specific task. Such a system can be independent or function as a part of a larger system. Majority of embedded systems are micro-controller based while a few are microprocessor-based in either of these cases, an IC is an integral product of the embedded system. An example of an embedded system is the fire alarm.

History of embedded systems

The first development of embedded systems was in 1960 when Charles Draper developed what was known as the first IC intended to reduce the weight of the Apollo guidance computer. 1965 saw the development of D17B by Autonetics, which was a computer, used in the minuteman I missile guidance. Vehicle embedded systems were developed in 1968, where Volkswagen used a microprocessor to control fuel injection. In 1971, the first microcontroller was developed by Texas instruments, which only became available to the public in 1974. Nearly a decade later, the first embedded system OS was released by Wind River, and Microsoft Windows followed in 1996.

Characteristic of an embedded system

  1. Single-functioned. They are designed to perform a specialized task. For example, a printer will always print papers.
  2. Tightly constrained. Here we consider factors such as cost, size, performance, and power. It should always be fast, consume the minimum energy, and have a high performance.
  3. Reactive and real-time. They should constantly react to the changes in the environment and compute certain results in real-time. A delayed computation could mean failure and could result in losses.
  4. Microprocessor-based. It should contain either a microprocessor or a micro-controller.
  5. It must have a memory as its software must embed in ROM, not on the external memory.

Common applications for embedded systems

The applications of embedded systems are vast. Here are some of them.

  • Robotics science
  • Medical
  • Industrial controls
  • Automotive
  • Automobiles
  • Home devices

Embedded system using Matlab

Matlab is a software whose primary goal is to promote simplicity in mathematical computations. The embedded system requires models for real-time data processing. Matlab is a software armed with these tools needed to develop the necessary models. In addition, Matlab provides tools, which enable real-time communications with DSP kits.

Assignment help

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