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Tips from Our MATLAB Experts: Making 3d Plots

3D plots in MATLAB are used to visualize what a complicated set of data looks like. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it for research, school assignment, or presentation. Using the MATLAB tool our professional MATLAB experts can help you create stunning 3D visuals using the data that you provide. MATLAB is the most popular tool used for this exercise because it gives you complete control over the customization of your graph. You can easily set the lighting, shading, and colors.

Do you want to learn how to make 3D plots using MATLAB? Here is how to:

1. Open The Command Window
If your MATLAB is in default then the command window should appear automatically. It is the biggest window displayed. If you cannot access it then select home in the upper left corner, choose the layout, and then default.

2. Define Your X And Y Vectors In The Command Window
This is usually done in the form of: x = [vector or function] and y= [vector or function]

The dot operator should be used when dividing or multiplying matrices and vectors. If you do not use it then errors will occur.

Producing The Grid In The XY Plane

1. Use the following two commands to define the relationship between x and y
  • The mesh function: This results in a wireframe mesh graph when you use the function
  • Surf function: by using the surf function, you will get a 3D surface plot
2. Input mesh grid to the command window when using the mesh function
Format the command as follows: [xx,yy]= mesh grid (x,y)

Plotting the surface and defining “zz”

1. You Should Define Zz In Terms Of Xx And Yy
This is done because zz greatly relies on those sets of data. Make sure you use the relationship that you know exists between x and y. The function or formula is likely to be: zz = xx.^2-yy.^2

2. Use The Surf Command To Plot The Surface
The surf command creates a 3D shaded surface from the z components in the matrix “zz”. This is when you have to relate xx, yy, and zz together. The format of the actual command line will be: surf(xx, yy,zz)

3. A New Window Will Appear Showing Your 3D Plot 
4. Customize It According To Your Liking
On the top of the window where the new plot has appeared, you will see a toolbar that contains a wide range of options that you can use to manipulate your 3D plot. If you need more help with this then seek our assistance. We will assign you an adept MATLAB expert to help you with this

5. You Can Also Smooth The Color Map Of The Entire Graph Surface
You can do this by using the command line shading inter.

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