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Use of MATLAB in civil engineering

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that is concerned with designing and constructing public amenities such as bridges, dams, roads, and other infrastructure projects. It ranks among the oldest fields of engineering, providing the members of the public with the facilities they need around them. Civil engineers are technically the people who run the world. Without roads, railways, hospitals, power and water supplies, schools, and offices, it could be extremely difficult to travel from one place to another and obtain health care, education, and everything else provided by these amenities. But to design and implement these public works, they have to be tested to make sure that they indeed are going to function as desired and serve the purpose they are intended for. This is where Matlab comes in. Matlab allows civil engineers to create models and designs of the project they are about to undertake to make sure they are producing the best results. Here are two major uses of Matlab in civil engineering as explained by our Matlab assignment help experts.

  • Creating designs: One way through which civil engineers use Matlab is to create designs for the expected infrastructures and facilities. When a model of the expected project is created prior to implementing the actual project, it helps reduce construction costs. It also enables the engineers to find out if the final product is going to function as desired because the design will be tested for accuracy even before it is converted to the actual project. Having models created before the development of the final project could also help save human lives. We have heard of million-dollar buildings collapse and claim people’s lives just because an error was overlooked in the model development or the testing phase. With Matlab, there is a reduced chance for errors because engineers can build models and test them for accuracy and effectiveness before embarking on the real project. For more information about how Matlab is used to create models for civil engineering, reach out to our Matlab assignment help experts.
  • Writing code and performing numerical analysis: Creating models in civil engineering requires complex coding and performing intricate mathematical analysis. With Matlab, engineers can write effective code for their simulations with the help of Simulink software, plot variations, and work out complex matrix equations. Many problems in civil engineering involve an advanced level of matrices, which can be difficult to solve without Matlab. Good knowledge of Matlab helps civil engineers create efficient, compact simulations to solve engineering problems of different complexity levels. To learn how to write an effective Matlab code and accurately work out matrices for varying civil engineering problems, collaborate with our Matlab assignment help professionals.

Specific areas where Matlab is used in civil engineering

Matlab has been found quite effective in the following civil engineering sub-branches:

  • Transportation: While transport and traffic engineering is often done with Excel, using Matlab makes your work a lot easier.
  • Surveying: Matlab is used in surveying and, more specifically, in leveling and calculating the bearing.
  • Water resources: Matlab has been used for many years to compute fluid dynamics, an important element in constructing dams, man-made lakes, and other water resources.
The major reason why Matlab is used in civil engineering is its ability to perform complex calculations. Generally, Matlab functions like C but it can perform more advanced computations than C. For more insights on the uses of Matlab in civil engineering or any other engineering discipline, link up with our Matlab assignment help experts.

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