Streaming Signal Scopes Expert
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Streaming Signal Scopes Expert

Boston, USA

Joseph K

Bachelor of Science, Signal Processing, University of Minnesota, USA


Versatile signal processing assignment help expert


I have 15 years of experience in signal and image processing and before I became an employee of Matlab Assignment Experts, I had worked with myriads of engineering companies, which gave me the expertise I needed to render academic support on these two areas to students. I am a whiz at signal processing in particular and I can handle a range of topics on this subject including DSP algorithms, simulation of electronic components, streaming signal scopes, low latency multi-channeling, and prototyping. I am exceptionally knowledgeable in image processing and can handle any project thrown my way. I have great respect for deadlines and have been constantly praised for my capability to exceed my clients’ expectations. I have a keen eye for detail and can guarantee 100% contentment and satisfaction with the final solution.

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