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Signal Processing Lecturer

Toronto, Canada

Thanasis F

B.A. Hons, Physics, University of Alberta


I am a professional in signal processing and the best person to provide academic assistance. Check out my skills to find out why.


I have only been with this company for a short while but that has nothing to do with the skills, knowledge, and expertise I have in my back pocket on signal processing. Let me take you back. After graduating from college, I worked as a signal processing lecturer in one of the most reputed colleges here in Canada. During my free time and the weekends, I worked as an academic writer, and just at the beginning of 2019, I decided to quit teaching and do academic writing full time. I have been with Matlab Assignment Experts since then and I have helped a great number of students submit their assignments on time, score the best grades, and boost their overall performance.  Contact me with your assignment requirements and I will be happy to show you how an award-winning signal processing solution should look like.

Discrete-Time Signals and Systems Homework Solver

I work online as a Discrete-Time Signals and Systems Homework Solver because I enjoy working on projects and sharing my knowledge on the important Signal Processing study area. With knowledge of Analog & Digital signal systems, Fundamental Discrete Signals, Linear Difference Equations, Casualties, and Convolution, among others, I can handle assignments and projects at all levels of the discipline. What's more, I have good experience teaching students both online and offline. Therefore, you can rely on my expertise if you need someone who can prepare you for exams or explain a concept that you didn't understand before. My top-notch teaching skills are praised by my students and other clients alike.

Discrete-Time Fourier Analysis Expert

If you can't handle your assignment or understand something under Discrete Fourier Representation, you need to hire an expert who can offer custom assignment writing and tutoring services to bag you good grades and improve your knowledge alike. Luckily, I'm a Discrete Fourier Representation expert with ten years of experience working as a varsity tutor. I understand the entire syllabus, including Normalized Frequency, DTFT, Periodization, and Finite-length Sequences, just to mention a few. I know exactly what students need to pass their exams and to understand classes. Therefore, you're safe with my assistance.

Best Bandlimited Signals Sampling Assignment Solver

Aliasing, ADC, DAC, Bandpass Signals, and Interpolation make a subset of the topics that I deeply understand and can help you understand under this study field. Being a seasoned and highly rated Bandlimited Signals Sampling Assignment Solver, I've met several questions and solved various projects, which have equipped me with a deeper knowledge of the discipline. Therefore, I'm always ready and able to handle your most perplexing tests. I combine good research, passion, and experience to craft the best solutions for your assignment. All my solutions are unique, correct, and easy to follow for effortless learning.

FIR Filters Design Tutor

A filter whose impulse response is finite is known as an FIR. They're the most popular types of filters in Digital Signal Processing. Therefore, you expect the topic to be a long one with more sub-topics than most others. If you need help with anything about FIR filter design, I'm here to offer it. I can do your assignments, sit your online exams, offer you easy-to-understand online video classes, and do you anything you may need from a dedicated FIR Filters Design Tutor. One thing I'm sure about is sending the best grades your way. My failure rate is 0.01%, which is one of the safest online.

Top LTI Systems Transform Analysis Specialist

If you need academic assistance with Linear Time-Invariant Systems, don't hesitate to ask it from an LTI Systems Transform Analysis Specialist like me. I understand the entire range of concepts under this discipline and can solve assignments, do your projects, and answer your questions on anything that you find difficult to understand. So, whether you have difficulties with Phase Wrapping, Phase Distortion, Magnitude Response, or Ideal Filters, I'll help you get to their bottom quickly and accurately. Thanks for going through my profile and welcome to this platform.

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