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Topic Details
Discrete Fourier transform (DFT) Understanding DFT concepts and applications, implementing DFT algorithms, analyzing frequency domains.
Fast Fourier transform (FFT) Explaining the principles of FFT, implementing FFT algorithms efficiently, interpreting frequency spectra.
Quantization Understanding quantization techniques, applying quantization to signals, analyzing quantization errors.
Huffman coding Explaining Huffman coding principles, constructing Huffman codes, performing compression and decompression using Huffman coding.
Run-length encoding Understanding run-length encoding techniques, applying run-length encoding to signal data, analyzing compression efficiency.
Transform-based signal compression Exploring transform-based compression techniques (e.g., Discrete Cosine Transform), implementing compression algorithms, evaluating compression ratios and quality.
Wavelet-based signal compression Understanding wavelet-based compression principles, implementing wavelet transforms, analyzing compression performance and artifacts.
Lossless signal compression Exploring lossless compression algorithms (e.g., LZW, Arithmetic Coding), implementing compression and decompression, evaluating compression ratios.
Error-correcting codes Understanding error-correcting codes (e.g., Reed-Solomon, Hamming codes), encoding and decoding signals, analyzing error correction capabilities.
Lossy compression techniques Exploring lossy compression techniques (e.g., JPEG, MPEG), understanding trade-offs between compression ratio and signal quality, evaluating compression artifacts.

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