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Digital Signal Processing Tutor

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Jack U

Master of Science, Physics, University of Malaya


Expert digital processing tutor


I love learning and exploring new things. Offering academic assistance always gives me an opportunity to do that because not only do I get to interact with students from all over the world but also challenge myself with something new every day. I have been offering online digital signal processing tutoring to students since 2013 and I can proudly say that every student who has worked with me has been happy with the quality of my lessons and my services in general.

Adept in Z Transforms

A Z transform of a sequence can be defined by both bilateral and unilateral Ztransform equations. It has a close association with the Fourier transform. If the equations and computations performed in Z transform are too complicated for you to handle, then I can provide you with the relief that you are looking for. I am an expert in topics such as region of convergence, the complex plane, etc. Hiring me comes with several benefits including on time submission of stellar quality solutions, well-researched and accurate answers and top grades guarantee. So why settle put your grades at risk by attempting an assignment on a concept that you are not familiar with? Opt for my assistance today and witness an instant change in your grades.

Discrete Fourier Transform Professional

Are you stressed and anxious because you are stranded with your discrete Fourier assignment and your deadline is fast approaching? I am a discrete Fourier transform professional who can turn your academic fortunes around. I can help you prepare flawless solutions for your assignment and earn you a top grade even if you lack knowledge of discrete Fourier transform. I can use DFT to calculate the frequency spectrum of a signal, locate the frequency response of the system and in the convolution of signals. You do not have to wonder if I have the skills and abilities needed for your assignment. I probably solved an assignment that is similar to the one that is stressing you. Hire me now before it is too late. I will do everything possible to deliver your work on time.

Accomplished in Signal Flow Graphs

A signal flow graph is used to represent algebraic equations. Drawing this graph requires in-depth knowledge of the basic elements of a signal flow graph such as the node and branch. I am skilled in constructing signal flow graphs. Also, I have a solid background in math and algebraic equations. This means that I am equipped with the right qualities needed to successfully solve a signal flow graph assignment. I have handled assignments on topics such as:

1. Converting block diagrams to signal flow graphs

2. The Mason’s gain formula

• Forward path gain

• Computing transfer function,

3. Time response and many more.

I am the first and last person you should contact when you need professional help with your signal flow graph assignment.

Linear Convolution Teacher

A linear convolution is a type of mathematical computation that is carried out to find a Linear Time Invariant (LTI) system’s output. If mathematical operations sounds like rocket science to you, it will be extremely difficult to enjoy writing assignments on this topic. I have mastered the art of solving linear convolution assignments. I can expertly handle projects related to passing an image signal via a 2D linear convolution system, analyzing spatial convolution relationship, etc. I strive to deliver solutions that fulfills all the requirements of the student without compromising on quality. Lastly, you will not have to stress about missing out on your deadline because I try to complete assignments earlier than the agreed date.

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