Visual Analysis

Representing data is a visual form makes it easy to assimilate and convert it onto information. Also, it is more amenable to analysis. MATLAB provides various options for data visualisations, so that the user can easily get a snapshot of the bigger picture.

Some of the options available for visual analysis of data are:

  • Channel Visualization
    • Channel Visualization GUI
    • Snapshots across Frames
  • Scatter Plots
    • Scatter Plot for User-Defined Constellation
    • RF Impairments Distort Signal
    • 8-QAM Gray-Coded Constellation Scatter Plot
    • 32-QAM Constellation Scatter Plot
    • 16-PSK Constellation Scatter Plot
  • Constellation Visualization
    • Signal Constellations
    • Modulator Design Affect Signal Constellation
  • Eye Diagram Analysis
    • Eye Diagrams