Transmitter side components

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Electronics engineering students must have come across this term.  A transmitter is a device that produces radio waves. It can also be referred to as a radio transmitter. Transmitters are very common in electronic devices used for communication. Examples of devices that use a transmitter are radios, cell phones, televisions, walkie-talkies, and two-way radios. What is common about these devices is that they are used for communications. A transmitter is limited to use in communication only. Devices such as microwaves do not fall under the category of transmitters for the sole reason that they are not used for communications even though they contain an electronic circuit that is akin to the one found in transmitters.

How transmitters work

To vividly understand how a transmitter works, let us take the case of radio broadcasting, where a radio transmitter is commonly applied. When the radio presenter speaks, the transmitter is the device responsible for conversion of the presenter’s sound into electrical signals, which is broadcast via an antenna to other antennas referred to as receivers. The transmitter device converts the sound to radio signals that travel miles and miles away. Other signals can even travel in space. A receiver, on the other hand, is an antenna just like the transmitter that catches the radio waves that are traveling by and converts them into electrical signals, which radios and televisions interpret easily.

Transmitter side components.

Generally, a transmitter contains the following parts.

  • Power supply. This is so integral to a radio transmitter that it cannot work without electrical power.
  • Oscillator. The part, which is responsible for producing radio waves. It generates a carrier wave, which is used to transmit information through space. This carrier wave frequency is the one that is interpreted to be the transmitter’s frequency. In modern transmitters, the oscillator is known as the crystal oscillator since it uses quartz crystal vibrations to control its frequency.
  • Modulator. A modulator adds information to the carrier waves developed by the oscillator by shifting its frequency. Information, which can be transmitted via a transmitter, can be audio or video signals. Modulation methods used by transmitters tend to vary from one transmitter to the other.
  • Amplifier. Amplifier decreases or increases the power of a wave. The power of a wave is increased if it’s to travel more distance.
  • Antenna. Converts the signals to a radio wave, which is transmitted to receivers faraway.

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