Transmitter Side Components

Transmitter Side Components

Transmitters are those components of electronic devices which communicate via radio waves, such as walkie-talkie and navigational beacons. Term ‘transmitter’ is typically limited to those equipments which generate radio waves for communication or radiolocation, like as radar, navigational transmitters to name a few. Another application is a radio waves generator used for heating/industrial purposes, like a microwave oven or a diathermy equipment, even though they often have similar circuits.

Transmitter side components description:

  • Power Amplifier- low noise amplifier of 2 db can be used. Its gain is 10.2. It dissipates very less power with operation. So it was selected to use.
  • Filtering circuit- Band Pass Filter around 30 MHz frequency is being employed. Gain here is medium of 7.2 and S/N (signal to noise) ratio is also very low, viz: 2.1 db
  • Digital Circuit- is a DSP circuit which generates sharp pulse modulated pulses at regular interval for the system.
  • Transmitter antenna – The characteristic of this transmitting antenna that it is a parabolic antenna. It works on E pulse technique and is fixed. Gain is very high of 42.1. S/N ratio is a mere 5.4 db.

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The transmitter object has the following modifiable properties:

  • LossFactor: Loss factor in decibels
  • Gain — Transmit gain in decibels
  • InUseOutputPort : Track transmitter’s status
  • PeakPower : Peak transmit power in watts
  • CoherentOnTransmit : Preserve coherence among transmitter pulses.
  • PhaseNoiseOutputPort: Output the random pulse phases introduced by non coherent operation of the transmitter

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Phase Noise

In order to model coherent on receive radar, user can set CoherentOnTransmit property to the value false and PhaseNoiseOutputPort property to the value true. User can also output the random phase which can be added to each sample when the System object™ is executed.

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