Total Cost of Radar System

The total cost of a radar system is a sum total of too many efforts. Radar system design has to be done using the Matlab software. Matlab software is a magnificent tool, which helps in visual imagery of the problem and the solution. As stated earlier the total cost of designing and manufacturing a radar system is a culmination of too many concentrated efforts.

The design, simulation, and analysis of a radar system design is tough due to many factors. The major factor being that the design system spans the RF, analog and digital domain space. These domains show their expansion across a full signal chain. The design can be said to have the following stages: –

  • The design of antenna array
  • Creation of radar signal processing algorithms
  • Control and data processing

The complexity in the resulting system level, encourages the need of simulation and modeling at all the stages of the development cycle. Hence, the cost of simulation and modeling at all the stages of product life cycle is a major ingredient of the total cost of a radar system.

The total costing for a radar project can be summarized as follows: –

  • Cost of initial study
  • Expenses on preliminary design
  • Expenses on final design
  • Bidding expenses
  • Construction expenses

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