Real Time Windows Target

Mathworks developed Matlab or matrix laboratory in 1984 as a tool to enhance the pace at which engineering applications are put into practice. In less than half a century, Matlab has risen to become one of the most trusted and reliable computer software that is being used by the scientific community in nearly every project. It’s being used consistently in industries such as automotives, aerospace, and pharmaceuticals. With Matlab, a professional has a tool that enables him/her to collect data, visualize, develop models, and even simulate the project. Therefore, Matlab has now become an indispensable tool that a scientist needs to have for the successful completion of his/her project. One of the areas where Matlab has been consistently used is in real-time systems. If it is a new concept, do not worry, we shall discuss more about the concept in this article.

Real time systems.

A real time system is a system wherein a response

is guaranteed within a specified time, or the system has to adhere to

certain time thresholds. Real time operating system is an operating system

that is utilized by these systems.

The real time windows target.

This is  needed to execute a real time

application. It’s a Matlab environment that is installed on your pc with specific

hardware requirements. Depending on the version of Matlab that you have, the

real time windows target could not be there. Instead, you could use Simulink

desktop real time, which has replaced the real time windows target in these

versions. This article will mainly focus on helping you know the basics of the

real time windows target. You will learn its key features and the different

ways you could install it on your pc.

Features of the real time windows target.

There are certain features that the real time windows

target should have if it has to test and prototype the real time systems. These


1. Real time kernel.

In computing, a kernel controls everything on the

computer. Thus, it is at the core of all the computer operations. Real

time kernel ensures that the applications run in real time. For time measurement, the real time kernel uses a laptop’s or PC’s CPU time.

2. Real time application.

How do you expect to reap its full benefits without

having a real time application in your system? It’s akin to wishing for millions and billions of money

without trying your luck in gambling. This application is a type of application that

is constrained by time; i.e., it has to meet specific time deadlines.

3. Signal acquisition and analysis.

You need the data if you are to do the analysis.

How will you get the data? This feature enables you to get real time data from

the environment and save it in Matlab. The methods used to acquire the data are

signal tracing and signal logging. Signal tracing is a method used to

simultaneously acquire the data and plot it while the real time system is

running while the former can only be used to acquire the data while the system

can be halted and the data visualized.

4. Parameter tuning.

This involves changing the parameters of the model and

observing their effects on the models

Installation guideline

The real time windows target should be installed in your system if you are to utilize it. How do you install it in your system? Let’s not rush to how you can install it and let’s look at the system requirements needed for a successful installation.

1. Matlab.

You need to have Matlab installed in your system.

Remember, the real time windows target is a Matlab tool. Matlab provides the

analysis tool that you will need for the project.

2. Simulink.

It provides you with an environment for modeling the

physical systems of the model using block diagrams. Block diagrams are easy to

generate and do not require you to know how to code? You only need the mouse and a

keyboard for parameter tuning.

3. Real time workshop.

A real time workshop is a handy tool for converting a

Simulink model to a C code, which can then be easily compiled to an executable


What system requirement do we require for the installation?

You need to have a good pc which has a RAM of a minimum size of 128 megabytes. In addition, the operating system installed in your pc should be windows. The CPU should be Pentium, and the PC should have a good storage capability. The minimum storage should be 16GB. If you have everything in place, now it is time to install it on your pc

Installation methods of the real time windows target.

There are two ways to install it on your pc. You could

download it from the web or install it from a CD. Let us look at how each of

them works.

Installation from the web

Installing from the internet will require you to download

the real time windows executable file. First, you have to be registered on the

MathWorks website before you can access any downloads. You will be prompted to

fill all the credentials before you can download the file. You also need to

obtain a personal license password before you run it on your pc. Once the real

time windows target file has been downloaded, double click on the executable

file (it usually has a .exe extension) and follow the instructions that appear

in the dialog box that emerges.

Installing from a CD.

Note that for the real time windows target to function in

your system, you must have the personal license password. If you are averse to it, then

insert the CD into your PC’s CD-ROM drive. In most cases, the installation

should run automatically, but if it does not, click on the executable file.

Follow the instructions that appear on the dialogue boxes that appear during

the installation.

If you find it hard to use any of the above methods, contact

a real time windows target expert who will help you with the installation



A directory is where files generated from the analysis

will be stored. Each computer software has its own default directory, which can

be changed to suit your own conveniences. Ensure that you identify the root

directory to make your work easier. The real time windows target directory, in

most cases, is in the same directory as Matlab’s.

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