Reading the text file data

Matlab is a robust software that provides a large number of functions that caters to the requirements of engineers and scientists. For reading the text file data in Matlab we have two functions textread and textscan. The textread function reads data from a text file and writes to various outputs. However when it comes to wider usage then textscan is widely used than textread function.

The textread function reads the values of data from the given file in the form of variables A, B, C and so on by making use of the specified format, till the whole file is read in its entirety. Specification as character vectors is done to filename and format inputs. textread is very useful in reading the text files with a known format. Another advantage associated with textread is that it handles both the free and fixed format files. Matlab is software that offers unique advantages to its users, but the users are often constrained by following reasons: –

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of access to the software
  • Absence of capable tutors
  • Voluminous online tutorials
  • Fast approaching deadlines

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