Radar Testing

Radar Testing

The abbreviation for RADAR is Radio Detection and Ranging. Our experts offer Radar Testing Homework Help to the college students. They learn the fundamental concept of Radar, which is a pulsed electromagnetic wave of known power and frequency. It is transmitted in a specific direction where it meets a target that reflects some portion of the signal back. It is measured by a receiving device. Students can also visit the link Radar Systems project to resolve their more queries regarding their assignments. So they seek help from our experienced experts.

Radar Testing

RF Chain – Transmit or Receive Modules and their Components like PAs and LNAs

Students learn the process of Radar testing by using the concepts of RF chain – Transmit or Receive Modules along with their components like PAs and LNAs. The roles of the radar system are given and they should work as expected or there may be some serious consequences. This is the reason, radar systems are heavily tested. The performance of the RF chain is measured as an essential part of the test suite. A sub-system level testing may be performed, for instance, a transmit/receive module for an AESA radar. The testing can also be performed on the specific components in the RF chain, like the transmitter’s power amplifier or the receiver’s low noise amplifier. Our experts are very much skilled and experienced to solve Radar Application project assignments.

There are various typical radar tests performed. It involves the measurements of the following parameters:

Typical Radar Sub-system andComponent Measurements

TX RF Chain RX RF Chain
Poutversus Pin Poutversus Pin
Power Added Efficiency (PAE) Third-Order Intercept (TOI)
Pulse Profile
Amplitude Setting Amplitude Setting
S-parameters (pulsed) S-parameters (pulsed)
Harmonics Noise Figure
Phase Setting Phase Setting
Spurious Emissions


Accuracy is one other major factor of radar. It is defined as the degree of conformance between the estimated or measured position. The velocity of a platform at a given point of time and its true position or velocity is also involved. Students often confuse accuracy with radar resolution. They seek for Radar Testing assignment help from our experienced experts to secure excellent grades.