Radar Systems Project

“Radio Detection and Ranging” is the full form of RADAR. Radar is a kind of electromagnetic system. It is meant for location and detection of entities and objects on the basis of transmission of electromagnetic signals. According to our experts offering radar systems project help, radar receives signals from objects in the form of echoes in its designated area of coverage and deciphers location and other information from the received echo signal.

The hardware of a radar system consists of the following:

  • A transmitter
  • Receiver

The transmitter radiates electromagnetic energy in free space. It is intercepted by the target objects in space and it produces echoes, which is nothing but a reflected radiated energy. This reflected energy is detected by the receiver and it provides information about a target object after processing the information summarized in reflected signal.
The radar is an augmentation of the functionality of human vision. While there are certain shortcomings in observation through radar as compared to a human eye, it also offers distinct benefits as enlisted in the following section.

  • The radar is able to see in subnormal situations, like rain, fog, snow, and haze.
  • Distinct advantage of radar is that it has the capability to measure the range or distance of the target.
  • The designated area of coverage of radar is generally very high as compared to human eye.

Our experts offering radar systems project help are highly accomplished and dedicated in their area of operations. Now a days, LIDAR system has also become very popular due to the concept of connected, driverless cars gaining prominence.

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