Radar Spectral Analysis

Radar Spectral Analysis

Radar Spectral Analysis is one of the most interesting and critical topic for students. Radar spectral analysis assignments demand the understanding of key concepts like RF signal carrier, pulse width, pulse repetition frequency (PRF), staggered PRF etc. Students find it difficult to understand and use these concepts to work on Radar Spectral analysis assignments. The complexities associated with the examination of spectral response using MATLAB as a tool, makes it extremely difficult to score grades in radar spectral analysis homework and assignment.

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To solve Radar Spectral Analysis and Robust control problems using MATLAB, students need to know the below concepts

  • The characteristics of the radar signal in the time domain – Pulse width, carrier and frequency are the key parameters used to define this.
  • The radar signal in frequency domain – This topic covers the pulse profiling and unambiguous velocity

These concepts need to be portrayed in a simplistic manner using MATLAB. Students need to have in-depth analysis of these concepts along with MATLAB to get excellent grades.

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