Radar Application project

Radar Application Project

Design, simulation and analysis of a Radar system is complex since the design space spans digital, analog and RF domains. These domains are spread across signal chain (complete) – from the antenna array to radar signal processing algorithms, data processing and control. Resultant complexity at the system level is what drives the need for modelling and simulation for all the stages of development lifecycle.

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This simulation simulates target’s behaviour and then calculates the radar return signal expected. Simulation works at the IF level, and assumes a perfect phase re-construction by the RADAR. Targets detected are then plotted on the main radar display. It takes a lot of effort in synchronization of the simulation time to realtime.

Salient new features in of this version:

  • CFAR mechanism
  • Analog feedback
  • Stagger support
  • MTI analysis in the frequency domain
  • Matched Match Filter

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