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Numerical methods are a set of procedures or techniques used to provide solutions to problems containing continuous variables. Such problems arise in businesses, engineering, social sciences, medicine, and natural sciences. The development in technology and the availability of powerful digital computers has resulted in increased application of mathematical models in the engineering and science disciplines. Sophisticated numerical analysis is, therefore, needed to solve these complex models. Matlab, being both a programming language and a statistical analysis tool, is one of the programs used for numerical analysis. It provides a host of mathematical techniques and methods for analyzing numerical data.

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When to use Matlab for numerical analysis

Numerical analysis involves all the aspects of the solution of a problem right from its theoretical development and understanding of what numerical methods to use to the practical implementation of the solution. Here are the scenarios in which the application of Matlab is necessary:

If you are presented with a problem that is not possible to solve directly. You can replace the problem with a "nearby problem" to make it easier to solve. Examples include using interpolation to develop root-finding methods and integration methods.

When there a huge concern with error, its analytical form, and its size. When estimating a problem, it is important to comprehend the form of the error present in the end solution. Understanding the nature of the error enables the effective creation of extrapolation processes that enhance the behavior of the numerical method used.

To understand the consequences of using fixed precision numerical methods. This is particularly important in linear algebra because large problems can contain many rounding errors.

To measure the efficacy of an algorithm. This would help you find out how one algorithm compares with another.

Statistical techniques performed by our numerical methods experts using Matlab

Matlab comes jam-packed with functions for performing numerical analysis. Our numerical methods homework helpers argue that it can be used to implement the following statistical techniques:

Ordinary differential equations

These are a set of differential equations whereby the solutions are functions of a single variable. Ordinary differential equations usually focus on the boundary value problems and initial value problems.

Best approximations

In best approximations, a function is estimated within a specific finite dimension of computable functions.

Rate of convergence

This is the total speed at which a convergence reaches its limit.

Order of accuracy

The order of accuracy is the rate at which the numerical solution of differential equations meets the exact solution.


This is the process of measuring the expected performance of a given algorithm under minor perturbations of worst-case inputs.

Collocation method

This technique discretizes continuous equations by requiring them to only hold at specific points.

Interval arithmetic

The interval arithmetic is used to display numbers using two floating-point numbers that have an unidentified number between them.

Interval propagation

This technique is carried out to contract interval domains without removing the values that are consistent with the constraints.

Newton-Raphson division

The Newton-Raphson division method is used to determine the reciprocal of a given value and multiply that reciprocal with another value to determine the final quotient.

Bareiss algorithm

This method is used to ensure that every entry remains an integer if the original matrix has integer entries.

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