Network Costing Analysis

Network Costing Analysis

Network costing analysis assignment help.

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Ideally, a business or a company determines the viability of a project using network analysis. Remember, the goal of business is to make profits. Without this, the idea of business becomes meaningless. Profits will also help in the running of a business’s operations. The following are the common methods of network costing analysis.

Present value method.

This is mostly applied to a business in its planning stage. In most cases, it is an estimation of the value of the business at the current time. All the expenses and income are factored when calculating the present value. When calculating the present value of a project, time, and interest rates is a common denominator. At the same interest rate, a project with a higher net present value is considered a viable alternative.

Annuity method.

Annuities borrow a lot from the present value method. They are most appropriate when there is constant cash flow. Say a monthly income of $2000 for ten years. It is a method of calculating the present value. Decisions made concerning the viability of the project is akin to the present value method.

Internal rate of return.

This method differs from the above in the respect that we get a rate rather than a value. This is the interest rate that the project would generate. It still applies the discounting method (present value) in its calculations.

Therefore, we can say that network-costing analysis helps the business make an optimal decision depending on their needs.

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