The benefits and shortcomings of making use of MATLAB/ode45 for providing a solution to Differential Equations in Engineering applications.

Differential equations are used for solving various applications in engineering fields. It can be used in wide variety of disciplines for e.g. electrical, mechanical, civil and chemical engineering. It can also be traced for usability in petroleum engineering domain. Generally, in early stages of their study as an engineering student, the learning scholars are required to offer a solution to differential equations of mathematical models of wide-ranging engineering systems and more specifically the dynamic systems. In particular, the students get the exposure to applied differential equations through the engineering applications, but the exposure to classical math solution is obtained through mathematics lectures. The major objective of math courses is to allow a student to practice solving applied differential equations of engineering cases. Generally, the mathematical solution to these differential equations does not provide with a graphical image of the anticipated results. As they deal with different styles of various mathematical models that depend on the cases studied already. And this lack of graphical imagery renders students uncomfortable with the whole process of providing a solution to these types of systems.

Matlab is nothing but a software program that offers the users with a convenient environment for solving many types of calculations. Other than this, it is typically used to solve differential equations that can be rated as quick and easy. However, the most significant contribution of Matlab is that it not only offers the symbolic solution but also offers a visual plot of the result. One of the most widely used codes for arriving at a solution of differential equations is ode45. It is primarily used to arrive at a solution of engineering applications. When we deal with diverse engineering applications, then it results in differential equations of different orders, which may be of the same style of differential equation or mixed order differential equation. This invariably causes a degree of complication while writing a Matlab program, which is dedicated to forecasting the behavior of an engineering case being studied.

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